" HOLA ZAMBOANGA " I just took a shot in this wall in Zamboanga during our walk back to the worksite.

Had a chance to visit Zamboanga City. Just finished our “company business” there so me and the rest of my co-workers had the chance to explore the place. Actually, it’s my second yearly work visit in the city so its much easy for us to follow directions for where should we go. My first visit there was not a fun one since we don’t have lot of time to wander around.

 Zamboaga National Museum

Our first stop: A great place to explore the tradition and culture of Zamboanga and the people living in here. (LOL, bawal ang camera sa loob kaya cellphone lang talaga ang gamit ko dito!) Good thing that it’s still open when we arrive in this place. Inside the museum is the great history of Zamboanga (Asia’s Latin City) from the Spanish invasion, that’s why the city is known for their CHAVACANO – a mixture of spanish and native dialects. A collcetion of their traditional costumes, native weapons use during wars, handcrafts and even their famous vintas are properly maintained inside the museum. Still remember that we had our shoes left in the front door to go upstairs for us to be allowed to see the collection of this vintas. (hehehe ang higpit ni manong guard noh!)


Eventually, FORT PILLAR and Zamboanga National Museum are both located in the same place in Zamboanga. Fort Pillar is the military defence fortress of Spaniards during their stay in the city before the attack of Dutch that led the Spanish to go back in Manila. (No, Im not an Historian, just read this information in the Museum… hahahaha). You know the feeling where you go back hundred of years was present in my bones when we entered the fort. Old red stone bricks, grand landscape, and the sight of spanish era are all alive in that place.

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