MYX MO 2010

MYX MO 2010 is a big concert event here in the Philippines on November 18, 2010 and will be held on SM Mall of Asia. This is a one year event where almost all OPM artists will showcase all kinds of music and render crowds their talent as one. This year, tickets is free as you buy the I ♥ MYX T-shirt or the MYX Magazine. This memorabilia have a match ticket in this order: White MYX T-shirt cost Php399.75 and have a corresponding gold ticket (this is the front rows of the venue, where you can actually see up-close the artist performing), next is the Red MYX T-shirt for only Php299.75 with a silver ticket (actually, me and my friends just bought this shirt a week ago… no! really, where not that excited!) Third option is to purchase an exclusive MYX magazine for Php95.00 to have a bronze ticket! I don’t think I can enjoy the concert at the back row!

**** LOOKING BACK IN THE CONCERT (November 20, 2011)

Just decided to continue here. I had my way to Mall of Asia concert ground to watch the MYX MO Concert. Since I have to wait for my sister and her colleagues to arrive, for they will be arriving late since they have a work to finish that time, I wait them outside the concert arena! To my dismay, tickets were being sold their for a much cheaper price (huhuhu…)! Don’t know why, I guess it’s because the concert where to start and lots of tickets were not sold yet! Ahahaha…

And so the girls arrived! Line to the entrance were filled with hundred of fans. Foods and other beverages are all prohibited (good that I had my early dinner while waiting for them). Artist where all active and the crowd are energetic with their respective t-shirts of I LOVE MYX, at syempre, we have ours too!

Various solo artist and bands including Kamikazee, Callalily, Spongecola, Chicosci, Nina, Yeng Constantino, Juris & a lot more from the Filipino music industry performed with the MYX VJ’s hosting the show! It’s really fun watching them perfom live! Thanks for my sis and the girls for sharing with me this awesome experience!


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