“I’m a little bit thirsty, can I have a glass of water please! WA-TA”. This is the line Korean actress LEE DA HAE says in a talk show episode in Korea where she’s been a guess. I just watched the clippings in YOUTUBE after my sister tell me about this news. Well, what should I say? Or what should I feel. At first, I feel so degraded hearing such insult coming from a loved Korean actress here the Philippines. The ever cutest star of Korean Drama Series MY GIRL. I feel so humiliated knowing that such actress, who also came from Southeast Asia will make such kind of joke on her co-asian people including her countrymen in Korea. I can’t blame Filipinos to feel anger towards her. Eventually, LEE make her apologies but our people refused to accept it. I don’t know if were just over reacting again. Let’s face it, its true that not all can speak fluently in english. Why make it a big deal when even us Filipino makes such fun with other races like Chinese, Japanese, Indian, etc., and they make no noise like this. It’s not that I’m a big fan of Korean sensation,  but bragging this issue over and over again makes no sense at all. For we all know that lots of Koreans are here in the Philippines just to learn english from a Filipino teachers! TAA-MAA!


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