my korean drama: DREAM HIGH


As of now, this is the only korean drama I’ve watched that showcased various talents in a musical series. Featuring the real life performers from various k-pop groups shares not just their singing and dancing skills but also their awesome talent in acting. Dream High takes place in KIRIN ART HIGH SCHOOL where students talents are being develop for stardom. Main cast are Go Hye Mi (Suzy of Miss A), Song Sam Dong (Kim Soo Hyun), Jin Geuk (Taecyeon of 2PM), Yoon Baek Hee (Ham Eun Jung of T-ara), Jason (Wooyoung of 2AM) and Kim Pil Sook (IU, a solo singer in Korea). Story deals with romance, dreams, struggles and friendships as the cast reach their way to stardom. Since the story have a twisted ending, us viewers really expect for part two of this musical drama…hehehe… I want to know more what happen to the cute and funny Jason-Pil Sook romance and Sam Dong-Hye Mi-Jin Geuk love triangle. Last scene of Jin Geuk is with Hye Mi’s little sister, I can’t tell if they suppose to be together LOL! And it’s good thing to end the drama with Hye Mi and Baek Hee’s reconciliation. All together, this series is a two thumbs up for me, specially the OSTs!!! Go go go go 드림하이!!!***


Since almost all the cast in this drama are from different K-POP group, DREAM HIGH is highlighted with powerful and sweet voices and incredible dance moves. SOMEDAY of IU, one of the OST, is a big hit and her voice is so pure you should not miss to listen to this song. A cameo of KIM HYUN JOONG as an alumni of KIRIN HIGH is a scene to watch! LOL… Except from these talents and personalities, the story itself shares good values and lessons in life aiming to develop better relationship with family, friends and love ones.


Their story is a lesson for everyone. How their struggled in life to reach their own dreams that eventually lead their friendship to suffer and  how they change their own lives being apart from each other while competing with one another to excel. But despite of all the challenges, they learned to forgive each other and build the friendship they once had. ***


I don’t know but when I first saw MS. SUSHI (Pil Sook in her audition at KIRIN wearing a sushi costume) I remember Hanna of 200 Pounds Beauty. Hehehe… Though Jason is a good friend to her while she is still overweight, she manage to transform herself and be fit for six months (half a year) with right diet and healthy living for the man she loves! Right girl, I love the guts and the courage. FIGHTING!


But all the hardships is worth the wait for she have Jason in the end! And I really love their story from the start till the final episode of the series. A perfect couple with a great chemistry! All I can say is that their love story is the best scenes in this series. LOVE-LOTS!


Unlike the latter pair, this love triangle is just a so-so for me. Makes me wonder who will be the real man for Hye Mi from the start until the series ended. I’m not sure but I really find their love story so unpredictable that I was left hanging in the end of the story. So annoying that I wish one of this two man  just have Baek Hee in the end, afterall, she should also have her partner. 😉

Overall, as a KPOP lover like me, I am highly recommending DREAM HIGH for all, not just for those KPOP lovers out there, but for all those who love to see great dance moves and hear angelic voices. This series is really a must watch for those people who wants to be a friend, be love and to DREAM HIGH! Let’s keep dreaming guys… ( Me, dreaming for DREAM HIGH 2!!! 🙂 lol )


4 thoughts on “my korean drama: DREAM HIGH

    1. Too much love will kill you! LOL… Same here, kaya yan, though I watched it already in English Sub, still sleeping late at night just to watch it’s TAGALOG dub in ABS CBN! Adik lang teh! 🙂

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