my korean drama: MAE-RI STAYED OUT ALL NIGHT

***  Mae-Ri sTayeD oUt alL nIghT  ***

     Another Jang Geun Suk! (Actually, after You’re Beautiful, I promise myself to watch all JGS’ drama series and movies! Just couldn’t get enough of him hehehe) Also known as Marry Me Mary, this drama series features the “Geun” couple hehehe Moon Geun Young as Mae Ri and Jang Geun Suk as Mu Gyul. Mae Ri, daughter of a man who always on a run with debt collectors, register his daughter in a marriage certificate with his rich childhood friend’s son Jung In (Kim Jae Wook) as a way to pay off his debts. Just knowing that she’s been arranged for marriage, Mae Ri took the help of Mu Gyul, a band vocalist whom she just met a couple of days ago and went to a photo shop to pose as her newly-wed husband. The pictures is then send to his father who have no choice but gradually tell Mae-Ri about the registered marriage he had made. Though Mae-Ri love her father so much, she refuse to the marriage. Jung In, force by his father to marry Mae-Ri, propose to them the idea of Mae-Ri living with him and Mu Gyul in a shifting schedules, for Mae-Ri to choose who will she marry after 100 days. Although Mu Gyul knows the real situation, he found himself helping Mae-Ri and fall for her. Jung In on the other hand, learn to care and love Mae-Ri when they discover their connection in the past. The story is just simple and a bit flat but still a great drama series to watch! “LOYALTY is the most important thing in a relationship!” that’s what I’ve learned to Mae-Ri. And she and Gu Myul are both loyal to each other, that’s why they surpass all the challenges in their relationship with a success in the end of this drama! hehehe…***

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