my korean drama: MY PRINCESS

***  mY pRinCess  ***

Another drama from the ever adorable Kim Tae Hee (Forbidden Love, Love story in Harvard). A story of an ordinary woman living an ordinary life until she found out that she is a princess to rule Korea.

Lee Sul (Kim Tae Hee) pursuing her college degree by working different jobs including dressing up and posing as princess for tourist photos in a historical Korean palace, never had imagine that she is a real princess by birth. She entered the palace with the guidance and all the assets of Daehan Jonghap Group (largest Conglomerate in Korea) President’s who owns her father a lot. She then learn her true identity and wish to know the reasons behind her father’s death. Lee Sul study hard and practice the ways a real princess should behave with the supervision of Park Hae Young (Song Seung Hun), a diplomat and the only heir of Daehan Jonghan Group if she just not appeared. Now, he have to give-up all his assets for the princess as what his grandfather ordered. Hae-Young had his plans to get rid of Lee Sul to have his assests back but it didn’t turn out right when he fall in love with Lee Sul. (Ahahaha love love love!!!)


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