My first summer vacation in the island of Boracay, Aklan. Both my parents are natives of Aklan but we never had the chance to be in Boracay during are visits in this province. It’s our company outing and we’ve spent four days and three nights accommodation in La Carmella Hotel while exploring the island. I had a great time being able to experience the sand of the famous white beach of the Philippines.


Since we arrived by noon that day, with continuous travel from Manila to Kalibo and Kalibo to Caticlan, we decided to start our island exploration early morning the next day. But since were so excited to get wet, we had our first night swimming before we head back in our room to sleep. On the next day, we had our underwater experience “meet and greet NEMO” ahahaha… We had our rented boat that took us to our destination complete with all necessary equipment and a brief orientation on what are we going to do during our stay under water.

I'm really in Bora, not in Davao! lol!
More bubbles with 1 kilo helmet!









The team who accompanied us said that fishes in that area love morning sunshine and that were so blessed that we had great sunlight that morning that enable us to see those scenarios underwater. We had our chance to feed those fishes and able to walk on sea rocks filled with corals and colorful varieties of water creature. When we got back in our hotel, we just had our company games as part of our team building. We also explore the other stations of the island hoping for cheap souvenirs to bring home. Second day is for our island hopping. First stop is the Crocodile Island where in we had our snorkeling. I enjoyed the perfect scenes of near islands but due to lack of time, we didn’t have the chance to go there. Our last stop is in Puca Beach/Island. Waahhhhh… Really white sand beach!


It’s really a nice experience. So grateful to have a chance to be in there with my co-workers. That night we also experience the graceful dance and show of famous fire dancers of Boracay Island. literally sexy and flaming hot! Ahahaha… (It’s just fine to ask them to post for a photo shoot, really you should try this!)


Last day in Bora. We woke up early in the morning since this is our last day and our last chance to have a photo souvenirs with their sand castle. Natives here are allowed to build their own sand castle that will be the background for photo shoot of those tourist who wish to have their own pictorial in the sand until 8am. We have ours for ten pesos (P10.00) per head for unlimited shots.


This is also the day that we went to D’ Mall and bought souvenir items. By 12nn, we had our way back to Kalibo Airport for Manila…That’s a great experience I will never forget! I do hope that I will able to come back in Bora with my friends and family some other time! looking forward on that day!


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