I’ve been to Davao twice and after finishing our work for several days, there’s no way we will never drop in this park before heading our way to Davao International Airport. PEOPLE’S PARK is located in the heart of downtown Davao City Davao. From our SUNSHINE HOTEL where we are staying, it’s only a matter of minutes to reach the park by means of walking. This is a tourist spot that a visitor in Davao shouldn’t miss to visit. Upon our entry, visitors like us should undergo security check to secure everyone’s safety.

This map is your guide during your exploration in this four (4) hectare park that you will going to see upon entering the gate of this landmark.

After security check, we where able to see this big round structure that at first, I mistaken it as a replica of stars constellation! (Ahahaha, anong connect???) Later on I was inform that it’s not a constellation but otherwise it is the DURIAN DOME! (Sorry naman po!) It is a mesh-like structure where you can stay inside with stairs on both side.

Aside from thousand  of  plant and flower species that you can see in this park, hundreds of statues and figures symbolizing the products, national contributions, culture and traditions of Davaoeños. Featuring a statue of Philippine eagle and people gathering while harvesting Davao’s famous fruit durian and a huge structure of  flower parades.




I had fun in my second visit in this park since I have my niece with me that time. We had a great bonding moment even though for just a short while. Thanks to PEOPLE’S PARK, visitors like us can have a such experience and an awesome place to have relax and enjoy!

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