my korean drama: MY GIRLFRIEND IS A GUMIHO

***  mY GirlFriEnd iS a GumiHO  ***

     Another “GUMIHO” (nine-tailed fox) story from South Korea. But this one differ from Forbidden Love or Tale of Gumiho by Kim Tae Hee. A romantic comedy series casting the Hoi-hoi couple Lee Seung Gi as Cha Dae Woong and Shin Min Ah as Miho, the ever beautiful Gumiho who dream to become a human for a long time. Dae Woong, lost in this temple after escaping from his grandfather from forcing him to study hard and be matured enough, accidentally release a mystical Gumiho trapped in an old painting for a very long time. Terrified on what he have than after seeing the fox in a form of beautiful woman, Dae Woong run for his life that leads him in a life threatening accident. Miho, thankful to the man who free her lend her powerful bead to Dae Woong to share her fox strength for him to survive the fall. The two live together with Dae Woong protecting the true identity of Miho while her bead is healing his body long enough until he survive and be able to do his stunts on his role in his upcoming movie. But their set up change when a half human half mystical creature No Min Woo as Park Dong Joo, living as a veterinarian learned that Miho been released and now living as a human. He planned to capture her again but eventually fall in love with Miho who happen to be similar to her dead once-loved gumiho. Eager to help Miho to be a human, he order her to drink his blood and put her bead to Dae Woong for 100 days. Later, Miho and Dae Woong learned that after that 100 days and when Miho get her bead back, Dae Woong will eventually die for Miho to become a human. Before 100 days end, Miho made her decision not to let Dae Woong die and sacrifice herself. But the elder Goddess see how much their love for each other and let Miho stay with Dae Woong. But for me until now, I still don’t know if she becomes a human or still a gumiho! Ahahaha, if someone knows whats her real identity now, please inform me! LOL…***


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