DORA THE EXPLORER! Well, you can call me that. A young lady who loves to explore the beauty of Earth’s ground. I love to go in different places. I’m a person you can’t call “tourist in own country” or the type “who never is in one place in an hour”. Spare me! Travel is my passion. Since I’m a child, I find it so fascinating to be in different spot in the country. I still have this in my mind the time that I got lost in our fieldtrip when I was in kindergarten, barely five years old. Maybe it’s my classmate’s fault, who happen to be my partner as we do are ocular visit in this carnival show. All I remember is that I’m so engrossed watching dolphins doing their tricks that when I look back, all was gone. My classmates, our teachers and some of those parents who join their children in that event! Luckily, I was sent to my parents loving arms, which that time is at the state of shock when they got the news that I was MISSING IN ACTION, by a concern citizen. (Bravo! At five, I know my parents name and the exact address of our house. Oh yeah, I know  am a bright child!) Eventually, that is my first and last fieldtrip until before my graduation in Elementary grade! Hmmmph! But that unforgettable moment of my childhood time is never been a discouragement for me to visit places and explore new things. Our country is one of the most have beautiful scenery in the world. Trekking, mountain climbing, swimming, nature hopping and stuff like this bring the wildest side of me. I can hop on any rides, whether it’s in a motorbike, ship, plane or jeep, a popular vehicle and most use way of transportation here in the Philippines. But don’t get me wrong. Still, walking above earth’s crust, pack with all my needed things in my backpack, just like DORA have, completes the entire journey I make. Together with friends and colleagues, travel is never been so exhausting! Fair enough, I have a job which happens to be doing most of the job on-field. Yes, you read it right! Isn’t it just the way I wanted it to be? I can say, doing business with pleasure… hmmm… okay… getting pleasure with business! Still I enjoy both as long as these two benefits with each other, I’ll enjoy it, promise! Bwahahaha…. But this journey and urge to travel never stops here in the country. I ever wanted to cross overseas, if only sky is the limit! Yes I have my passport, but maybe today is not the time for me to travel abroad. I can never say, maybe next year, next month or sooner as I expected it to be. Who knows, one of this days I am writing a new entry about my first ever travel in moon’s crust! ;D

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