ShOrt pOst lOokiNg bAck tHe lOng yEars oF sChoOLinG

Long & busy 16 unforgettable years. Yap, these are the years I spend to learn and acquire knowledge to be who I am today. 2 years in Preparatory school, 6 years in Intermediate Grade, 4 in High School and another 4 for College Level. Years of non-stop assignments, quizzes, exams, sleepless nights finishing countless project, reviews for hundred of class subjects, and early woke-ups ritual every monday morning preparing to attend the flag ceremony at 6:00 am. Looking back on this days of hardships I made in my life makes me smile at the same time. For I know, this are also the times I made a lot of friends, hate people and be hated by some. I meet different kinds of people, won and lost competitions, passed and failed lots of examination. Years where I trying to figure out who will I be someday, meeting the man/s  of my dreams and eventually meet them again with their wives or girlfriends after a year (how ironic, ahahaha). So many experience I don’t know where to start reminiscing. All this success and achievements I have are effect of what I’ve learned during my school years. Truly, there are a lot of things you’ll never learn in the four corners of your house! LOL. ;D


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