2NE1 MAniLa ConCert & FaN cAm ExpeRience

2NE1… eh eh eh eh eh… 2NE1

Just wanna share this moment with K-pop group 2NE1 (CL, Dara, Bom, Minzy) who performs in ARANETA Coliseum, Manila Philippines last June 4, 2011. Mind you, it is my first k-pop (hallyu) concert experience ever!

Me and my sister had our UPPER BOX B ticket with us month before “THE PARTY” (just want to detail how excited we are to see the girls perform live). The line to entrance is long and we can hear 2Ne1 tracks keep on playing inside the coliseum. Our seat is just fine we can watch the girls in all side of the stage! Entertaining the crowds with front acts from various artist such as Christian Bautista, who rendered a song original by BRUNO MARS (Just the Way you are) and his own song, The Way You Look At me. Callalily, Bloomfields and the dance group All Star also joins the show.

2NE1 grand entrance, with their first song is an awesome start. A loud “siren” filled the arena and everybody knows it will be “FIRE” they’ll gonna sing! I can’t remember the other songs  they played but the following songs are familiar to me: Try to follow me, lonely, I Don’t Care, Please Don’t Go. Crowd went wild when SANDY (DARA) start to sing “IN or OUT” for her Filipino fans (the reason why Filipino love her so much). The concert was really a bang! Hehehe no words to describe the awesomeness of the girls, their just so great in the stage with their simple outfits! Thanks YG Entertainment and PULP for bringing them in the Philippines! Two thumbs up for you guys!


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