my korean drama: SECRET GARDEN

***  SeCreT gArdEn  ***

           SEGA is one of the best drama I’ve watched. With it’s romance-fantasy-drama lines that makes every viewer moved in each episode. Starring Ha Ji Won as Gil Ra Im, an ordinary poor stuntwoman working and training under Director Im Jong Soo (Lee Philip) whose secretly in love with her. An ordinary woman who changed the life of the arrogant chaebol prince Kim Joo Won (Hyun Bin).

Two met when Joo Won accidentally mistaken Ra Im for another woman during her shoot where she works as a stuntwoman. Their lives run smoothly as Joo Won made his best to court Ra Im after realizing his feelings towards her. As faith take part in their life, incident in this mystical secret garden within Jeju Island occur during their bicycle race together with Oska (Yoon Sang Hyun), Joo Won’s cousin and a Hallyu star. Joo Won and Ra Im meet an old woman that served them a flower wine which they drink that night resulting them a swapping bodies when it rains. To complicate matters between them further, story of the past unfolds as Joo Won’s mother learned that Ra Im’s father is the person who died for saving Joo Won’s life. But instead of being thankful to Ra Im in behalf of his father, Joo Won’s mother take unnecessary actions to end their relationship but their love for each other continue to fonder. During Ra Im’s shooting for an international film, she had an accident that lead her to a brain-dead state. Joo Won make his decision to have a body swap to save Ra Im and road their way to the nearest place where it rains. Both found unconscious but eventually woke up on their own bodies after dreaming of Ra Im’s father switching them back. Both survive the accident but with Joo Won having a post-traumatic amnesia remembering only his 21 years old self. The two start anew with the help of Oska and her life-long-love Yoon Seul (Kim Sa Rang). Story ended with the couple and their three cute little boys visiting their grandmother still not accepting their parents relationship. See, it’s just not an ordinary story. In real life, some in-laws cannot accept and give their blessings to their children even they have grandchildren! And all the characters played their part very well. Thumbs up for Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin especially when they are doing the part of being the another personality during their body swap. MAY THE MAGIC STAYS WITH YOU!!!***


Since Secret Garden is  romance-fantasy drama, I find it a bit discourteous not to mention some moments that moves and brought chills in me during the times I’m watching this drama. So, to have a page that will give me a heart melting moment over and over again, I will squeeze some of those tickling moments I remember with SEGA. 


If all my partners in P.E (Physical Education) sit-up exercises are as handsome as Hyun Bin, sit-up will never be that hard for me! Joo Won is such a creative man with perfect moves to capture a woman’s heart. From that scene when he made his own way to drive away that man who volunteered to be his partner for that exercise that leave Ra Im no choice but to accommodate him. Still can’t forget that smile Joo Won (and I, as I am watching this episode) had flashed during those warm-up exercises for their practice stunts when he join the group to be with Ra Im. As if doing those sit-ups over and over again just to get a closer glimpse of Ra Im’s lip inch by inch is just that easy! Ahahaha… I can’t explain what Ra Im should feel on that very moment while their doing that exercises! The anticipation it raise in me, if they will ever kiss or not as Joo Won raise himself again and again when Ra Im’s supporting his legs to finish those sit-ups really killed my curiosity! AYYYIIIII… just can’t forget that moment. That was a perfect move guys should not forget in courting a woman! I’m melting again!!!!

JOO WON & RA IM’S TORRID KISS  during their first dance. One of the best kissing scene they have shared during a Christmas social gathering in Joo Won’s residence.

Truly a breathtaking kiss that I’m grateful I didn’t missed! It’s the song that Oska is singing while playing with the piano that gets me hook in that episode. And then all of the sudden… ta—da!!! It’s not the kind of Cinderella’s from poor-orphan to princess transformation that Ji Won’s character want to relay to the viewers when she enter the party, nor the handsome suit Hyun Bin is wearing that night that complete that scene. I can suggest, this kiss should be the basis of comparison for the next SLEEPING BEAUTY remake. This is the criteria of kiss PRINCESS AURORA should get from her PRINCE CHARMING. No more questions whether she will wake up or not. LOL!


Kiss they have shared in this cafeteria. While sipping her coffee/milk, I don’t know if its really a frappucino, Ra Im left a traceof frap in her upper lips! Abcourse, every opportunity that knocks should be taken instantly hehehehe. With a line that telling Ra Im how gross will it be wiping her lips with her arms, Joo Won didn’t let the chance to wipe her lips with his own. Ahahaha what a move! “Is that the best you can do Joo Won, are you sure of that!” LOL! Well, as I was saying a while ago, boys should do such things sometimes to win a woman’s heart. His own secretary is his avid fan… It’s just that it didn’t turn out well when his secretary made that move to Ra Im’s bestfriend. Ahaha…


 I can’t help but to smile as I remember this scene where Joo Won force himself to stay close to Ra Im during their stay in this site where the stunt team planned to have a short vacation. Time comes when they decided to look for their own place to sleep, Joo Won secure a space beside Ra Im. But Director Jong Soo take his space and pull him away to Ra Im. I find it cute and funny how he perform his strategies just to force himself to cut between Ra Im and the director while pretending asleep. It’s Joo Won here who we are talking and his powerful moves! And to compensate his courage and effort to stay close to her girl, it’s just enough for us to allow him to be beside her that night! Okay Joo Won, you won the sleeping battle for the effort! LOL…

Overall, these are just some of those tickling moments I want to cherish with SEGA! A great Korean drama for this year with the best line-up of artists, incredible plot and storyline, mixed with awesome Original Sound Track and best direction all in one! It’s really a MAGIC that everyone shouldn’t miss!

4 thoughts on “my korean drama: SECRET GARDEN

  1. this drama is to be number one in my heart because everything in drama are perfect. Drama made viewer fall in love and Imagine with love again. HJW and HB act real real ….so I think they are in love for role

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