my korean drama: PLAYFUL KISS

***  PlaYfuL kIsS  ***

           Also known as Mischievous Kiss with 16 episodes and 7 special episodes! BOF’s & Dream High’s Kim Hyun Joong as Baek Seung Jo and Jung So Min as Oh Ha Ni, made a cute couple for this remake of Taiwan’s It’s Started with A Kiss and it’s part two, They Kiss Again. Story takes place in a high school campus with the two main cast popular in school with their own title. Baek Seung Jo as the most genius and bright student while Oh Ha Ni as the stupidest one! (hehehe whatta girl, fighting!!!) Ha Ni, just like all the girls in campus, have a crush in Seung Jo and send him a letter confessing her affection to him. Unfortunately, Seung Jo who hates stupid girls, rejected and send back her letter now with correction and a mark/score, if I remember it right, of a D+. (hahaha, shame on Ha Ni!) But faith have it’s way, the two have the chance to live together in one roof. As Ha Ni’s house undergone renovation cause by an earthquake, her father’s bestfriend who is Seung Jo’s father, offer them their house to stay for a matter of time. Luckily, Oh Ha Ni had the chance to win the heart of her only love Seung Jo! Well, the price for her determined heart and all her hardships is not bad afterall. Cause time goes by and Seung Jo fall in love with her too!!!***


Waaaaaahhh lovely couples indeed! Like! Whether its from Taiwan or Korea… they both have that perfect chemistry for me to fall in love in their own way!

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