my korean drama: BEETHOVEN VIRUS

***  BeEthOvEn vIruS  ***

     South Koreas own version of Japan’s NODAME CANTABILE… Beethoven Virus is a classical music drama series that shows the life of musicians who plays in a new established orchestra! This drama starring Jang Geun Suk is the reason why he turned down the offer to take the role as Gu Jun Pyo in the remake of Taiwan Meteor Garden, Boys Over Flower. (Until now, I’m still thinking, what would be the outcome of Boys over Flower if it is JGS and not Lee Min Ho??? hehehehe…) Kang Gun Woo/ Kang Maestro (Kim Myung Min), a renowned orchestra maestro comes back to Korea after his long stay in Europe to conduct a new founded city orchestra leaded by Du Ru Mi (Lee Ji Ah). Unfortunately, members who plays in this orchestra are not all professional and was just selected through random auditions by Du Ru Mi for she was scammed with the budget in stake and couldn’t afford to hire professional musicians. Kang Gun Woo (Jang Geun Suk) who happened to be coincidentally have same name with maestro, join the orchestra to play the trumpet and found his talent in conducting. Aside from his talent, young Kang Gun Woo discover that he is a music genius! (Aigoo… my JGS is a real genius you know!!! ahahaha) The three made it till the end with the viewers unable to guess, as in clueless pa rin ako, what happen to their bizarre love triangle. Heavy musical and drama specially for Kim Myung Min who did a great act throughout the end, and a great job for the whole cast! And for Beethoven, Kang Maestro’s dog (in fairness to that dog, good act on his drug poison scene)!!! LOL***


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