I had the chance to eat at MR. KIMBOB. A stall in SM Megamall foodcourt where they serve korean dishes. Actually, I had this idea of MR. KIMBOB when my sister told me that her friends sometimes dropped in the mall to have a dinner. Well, me and my other two friends who are waiting for the arrival of this VERY IMPORTANT PERSON, let’s just name him PITO (hekhekhek), decided to have our early dinner and  just finished our SISIG HOORAY meal when we realize a korean couple also having their dinner next to our table. That’s when I remember MR. KIMBOB and suggested that we should try it for fun. Eventually, my friend treat as a serving of BIBIMBAP. Its a traditional korean healthy dish made of rice top with sunny side up egg, with steam veggies such as carrots, bean sprout, side dish kimchi, chicken meat (also available in beef) and a chili pepper paste. I guess a serving would be enough for one person but since we’ve just finish our SISIG, a plate of BIBIMBAP is enough for the three of us! That dinner is one of a kind… MASSITA!!!


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