my korean drama: 49 DAYS / 49 il / PURE LOVE

    ***  49 Days ( pUre LoVe )  ***

I just finished watching this Korean drama week ago and just like the other dramas I’ve watched, I want to make a short review. 49 Days is a story about the journey of soul during her stay in earth after an unscheduled death before leading to their final destination base in a popular Korean belief. Starring Nam Gyu-Ri as Ji-Hyun, a care-free woman living her perfect life as only daughter of her rich loving parents with a couple of friends and soon to be married to her fiance Kang Min Ho (Bae Soo Bin) who she distinguished to be her destiny. Preparing for her upcoming wedding day, she saw her fiance together with her bestfriend in a car in the middle of discussion. Confuse on what she just saw, she continue driving towards her destination. Meanwhile, Lee Kyung (Lee Yo Won), a woman having her own troubles in life, attempt to end her life by walking across an oncoming traffic but been pulled and saved of a man. She then collapsed and next thing she knew, she was in a hospital. Ji-Hyun, back in the moment of Lee Kyung suicide attempt, hit her car in a truck that has stopped in the middle of the road cause of Lee Kyung action awhile ago. Ji-Hyun woke up in the middle of the road and got shocked as she see herself full with blood inside her car. She scream and talk to people around her only to realize that no one is noticing her except to this man standing beside his motorbike that later on she learn to be the Scheduler (Jung Il Woo). Here starts her 49 days journey to fulfill her task of collecting three (3) pure tears that she will get from three persons, except her family, who have pure love for her. With Scheduler’s given conditions and with Lee Kyung’s body she can use during her 49 days, Ji-Hyun set herself to be back in her brain-dead state body soon. She didn’t find it hard at first since she have her fiance and two loving bestfriends beside her to complete the tears she needed until truth unfolds and she discovered that she is living in a not-so-perfect life she taught she have. Click here for the full cast and here for original soundtrack.


Unlike other Korean dramas where you can predict the ending even before the second episode starts, 49 Days is a kind of drama filled with so much loops and twist until to its very end. The reason why I just can’t take away my sight in the monitor when I started to watch this. Here are the highlights of this drama that I’m glad I didn’t miss and everybody should watch! The revelations Ji-Hyun discovered as she explore the earth’s ground as a living dead!

Warning: I don’t want to be a spoiler to anyone. Better not proceed to read this if you don’t want to spoil the excitement of watching 49 Days! Ahahahaha….


OMO! It’s just a HUGE punch to oneself to know that your beloved fiance is hanging around with your own bestfriend! But Kang Min Ho and Shin In Jung’s (Seo Ji Hye) affair is even far from that. From the very start, the couple had their plan in getting involved to Ji-Hyun’s family having their own reasons to have a free access in the family’s wealth. But their relationship didn’t work out just fine after Ji-Hyun’s accident. Min Ho, confused with his feeling towards Lee Kyung (where Ji-Hyun’s soul is staying) and In Jung having her guilt for Ji-Hyun’s accident and for those things she is doing with her family, got caught and admitted their relationship and plans to own Ji-Hyun’s company that lead Min Ho in jail. In Jung on the other hand lost her other bestfriend Park Seo Woo (Bae Geu Rin) upon learning her relationship to their bestfriend’s fiance.


어떻게 어떻게 (What to do, what to do)!!! Ji-Hyun, able to do things like a human while possessing Lee Kyung’s body, while she is sleeping after her night shift work from I guess 12 midnight until 9 in the morning, works in this cafe/restaurant own by his fiance’s friend Han Kang (Jo Hyun Jae). Han Kang, is also her schoolmate in highschool, partner in their school’s magic club who always been a snob to her but remain considered as her friend even they part ways after her parents transferred her in other school and Han Kang studied abroad. Han Kang on the other hand, having this odd and suspicious feelings towards Lee Kyung’s familiar actions and mannerisms, found out that the woman he loves is possessing Lee Kyung’s body. Knowing the current stage of Ji-Hyun’s life and the eagerness to save the life of the woman he loves for a very long time, he help her to fulfill her task. Though Han Kang being careful not to be discover, Ji-Hyun learned that he knows about her 49 days mission and eventually learned his feelings towards her.


Being thankful for using Lee Kyung’s body to complete her mission, Ji Hyun promised to what ever extent to help her to live a meaningful life again. Never did she knew nor Song Yi Soo/Scheduler, that scheduler’s unfinished business five years ago before his unscheduled death is related to Lee Kyung. With no memories as a human, Yi Soo volunteered to be a scheduler with a promise from Above to grant a wish after five years of services. Week before his fifth year as a scheduler, Ji Hyun discover the reason of Lee Kyung’s several attempt to end her life. This is the sudden death of her childhood and first love Yi Soo without their full understandings after a fight before Yi Soo’s motorbike accident. Yi Soo have the chance to show himself to Lee Kyung as a human for a day and fulfill their dreams five years ago. Eventually, he had explain to Lee Kyung that they can never be together and bid their goodbyes wishing her to learn to live a happy life without him.


Hays! Still remember the feeling when I thought Ji-Hyun will never complete those three tears. She nearly go to her final destination after asking scheduler to make her way. Its been a long while when she get her first tear from the man who truly love her the most… HAN KANG!


Yap! Those captions are for real. Second tear flows from the eyes of her true bestfriend SEO WOO as expected from the start before she revealed that she have feelings to Han Kang. With that, I thought that she will get mad to Ji Hyun and will not shed tears after she learned that the man she adores is madly in love with her bestfriend. But her love for her bestfriend prevails when she heard that there’s no hope for Ji Hyun after being in coma for a long time. IN JUNG, who saw the true meaning of their friendships and how Ji Hyun treated her so well, ask for forgiveness to all the troubles she made and find pure love for Ji Hyun. These three people, without them knowing the essence of their tears when they cried, eventually completes the task that enable Ji Hyun to bring back to life and survive from being comatose.


Though Ji Hyun survive her car accident by completing her three tears, she was shocked to realize, knowing that she should unable to remember all the memories when she regain her life back, that she can still remember her 49 days journey. Under observation in the hospital after her being in coma, Scheduler appeared again and announced that she only have six days before her destined time death. As a gift for completing her task, God allowed her to remember her 49 days travel until she make her way to her final destination. With this, she spend quality time with her parents, Hang Kang and bestfriends. Only with Lee Kyung, she enable to tell about remembering her 49 days that made Lee Kyung the only person to have the idea of her time death. On her sixth day, because of the accident resulted in a trauma that causes abdominal aortic aneurysm, (whatta! I had a research on this, scary!) Ji Hyun had her sudden death. Scheduler fetch her and on their way, she asked him from whom she get her collected tears. Contented and happy to his answers, she bid goodbye to him and proceed to her final destination.


At the time Ji Hyun received her 2nd & 3rd tears simultaneously, there are no person that cross my mind who will shed their pure tears for her other than SEO WOO and LEE KYUNG. There comes a time that Lee Kyung enable to hear, feel, see and eventually communicate to Ji Hyun like an ordinary person after her several sessions of hypnotism process with her doctor. She is also thankful to Ji Hyun for helping her found Yi Soo and taking good care of her during the days she is possessing her body. They become great friends inspite of their current condition that Lee Kyung cried when she remember Ji Hyun and realize that she maybe dead already. Later on they revealed that Lee Kyung is the long lost elder sister of Ji Hyun. Han Kang help her to be reunited again to her longing family that is still mourning on Ji Hyun’s death.


Soul-switching dramas have their twisted endings always! Ahahaha… But unlike SBS’s Secret Garden with Ra Im and Joo Won lasted the story with their strong relationship, 49 Days is a drama leaving viewers with a mind-bending ending. Final scene features Han Kang and Lee Kyung having their prayers and thanks for the person they love, Ji Hyun and Yi Soo. It’s just not what I’d expected to happen! Maybe it’s just to remind the viewers that life must go on… LIVING SHOULD CONTINUE LIVING! Fighting! I will not oppose to those who may find the drama a bit dull in the end, for it’s just true. But for overall, the storyline and all the cast are in best shape for their role. So Ji Hye’s character made me cry whenever she cries. Lee Yo Won’s role as a woman in love with Yi Soo to a lifeless Lee Kyung and an adorable Lee Kyung possessed by Ji Hyun makes another level for her career after her role as Queen Seon Deok. Not just a fantasy-romance drama, but a bit of horror also! (Ahahaha… why is that Nam Gyu Ri’s face is a lot like a Japanese doll usually seen in horror movies!) Scenes where Lee Kyung can already see her for the first time while entering her body and during her hypnotism process send shivers on me!LOL… I can say Nam Gyu Ri is a good actress to the point that I will ask myself “why their not counting my tears for her?” whenever she’s crying! Ahahaha… But for me, 49 Days leaves me a question in mind that till this very hour I can’t still find the answer. If a day yet to come that we will be given by any chance the time to complete our task, to whom will we collect those pure tears for 49 Days? =( hayyyssss….

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44 thoughts on “my korean drama: 49 DAYS / 49 il / PURE LOVE

    1. I agree… The story is far from other Korean dramas I’ve already watch so far. Thank you so much for being the first to leave a comment!

    1. Have to research those names: Isabelle and Dave… Never ko kasi napanood and tagalog version ng 49 Days! So it’s Lee kyung and Han Kang. Pero mas maganda ang story ni Scheduler at Isabelle noon! hehehe… till the end of this drama, love story nila ang the best para sa kin, lalo na nung dumating ang araw na wish ni Scheduler! Kakaiyak ang scene na yun!

  1. wew.. spoiled aq dun ah.. thanks sa info! di na tuloy ako makapaghintay sa ending.. sa TV lang kc aq nanonood.. bibili nalang aq ng DVD kasi halos di ko din naman napanood lahat eh.. 😀

    1. Kaya nga naglagay ako ng note sa taas na maii-spoil ko talaga ang panonood ng magbabasa… hehehe… but since you already read this, just pretend that you don’t have any idea while watching it in your DVD! lol… ikaw kasi eh!

  2. grave,,,,,, super ganda nito…… galing galing ni unnie………. one of the best korean drama….. all cast are great in acting…….

  3. this movie is great…
    I love it…
    the love story of yi kyung(unnie) and yi soo(scheduler) was amazing…
    many people can relate in this movie

    1. Right! Its just so sad that their love story since childhood days gone to waste after Yi Soo’s death. But their love for each other is just so strong that they even had the chance to solve their issues when Scheduler ask to fulfill his unfinished business on earth… to tell Yi Kyung how much he love her and how she should continue to live her life even without him! Waaaahhh…. a genuine love!

    1. I guess millions of ABS-CBN viewers are also hook in this Tagalized Korean drama like us! So happy DOS (Channel 2) got the rights to air this SBS Drama!

  4. As of the moment, this drama is still airing in ABS CBN Channel 2 (Philippines)… And I am still watching it in its Tagalized version! Love it so much!!!! ♥♥♥♥

  5. So i Say i love This pure Love
    “` Dapat lagi tayong nanonood nito !!!
    Good Guys Pataasin ntiin ang Ratings Nito GraBe ..!!!
    🙂 😐 😀 Huh go 4 itt ..!!

  6. for me it’s soo bitennn… hehehe… pero ok lng ganda na mn ang pure love … ang hnde ko malilimutn na eksina ay tinapon ni jake ang singsing at sabay sabi ky ysabelle na ” mg.mahl ka nlng ng IBA ” huhuhuh.. nkaka.iyak tlaga.. :(((

  7. Haha nkakatuwa tong palabas nto d man aq mahilig manood ng drama but nung pinanood smen to sa dvd 2 days aq nag cancel ng lakad q haha grabe first time in my life na nsiyahan aq manoon ng love story …

  8. This is the best drama I ever watched in my whole entire life. Grabe ‘to! Balde-baldeng luha ang basta-basta na lang tumutulo sa mga mata ko. I’m not a fan of love stories, but this.. it’s all compete. Family, friendship, enemy, betrayal, forgiveness, and PURE LOVE. No wonder ni re-remake ng abs to(starring Alex Gonzaga and Arjo Atayde) kasi sobrang ganda ng story. Thank you Gian for an remarkable blog about 49 days. 🙂

    1. I’ve no idea about the Tagalog re-make of PURE LOVE until now. Nasearch ko tuloy si Mr. Google! Hopefully, ABS-CBN produce a high quality re-make of this Korean drama. Pag hindi, magagalit ako kay Alex! lol (joke)
      Thanks for sharing this information Meggy!

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