I’ve no idea what is the reason behind this weird habit of mine. Yours truly, together with my big brother, prefer a mosquito net than a blanket for sleeping. Actually, not just during bed times but most of the time at home, there will come a moment where I will just take my net and wrap it from my waist down my feet! Mind you, I am actually having a good time now doing this post with my net on my foot!

I can still remember this naughty moment during my first day at school when I was in Kindergarten. I left all my things in our house and packed my net inside my bag, put my bag on the floor and slip my feet inside it while my teacher is lecturing us. See how brainy I was back then!? It’s a tough one to plan such thing at the age of 5 and I felt so wronged being pinched by my mom when I got home. Still, that incident didn’t take my precious net away from me!

Until now, even while watching TV, sitting in sofa while reading books or just doing something where I will stay for hours, especially in my travels and trips, I’m with my security blanket! Should I say it runs in the family? I guess so, since my brother and her wife, together with my niece, always have a nice time joining together in their BIG mosquito net! LOL! Or maybe it’s just a hard habit to break or some psychological problem…??? But no, I guess not that one… I’ve known a lot of people having these same feelings towards their own nets! For any reason, I just love to scratch this soft nylon sheets on my skin! I just can’t explain the exact feeling! Through times, even when cold rush in and only having blanket can ease the chills, my net will be the first thing to touch my skin, followed with my blanket! I just can’t imagine living without my net!!!



  1. Yep i know lots of peole who are the same.. like me. I do hope there is a term for all of us. I’m pretty sure this is psychological but it’s actually strange why this hasn’t been studied yet..

  2. hahaha! At last I found my FAMILY Mosquiters. Hey, I’m one of you. I thing I know is that persons like us are GIFTED! Well, no research yet. We may be different. Some would say this is psycho connected nor weird. Whatever fellas. One thing is for sure-we love it, we enjoy it, we find comfort on it, BUT we do not violate human rights of others! Right? Wait, can somebody with a brave soul do scientific research for this? I mean, we really want answers. Thanks!

  3. I have the same habit and its really hard to break. Been searching what we call ourselves for a long time already… lol

  4. Was trying to look for answers, just had an argument with friend me having this comfort of having kulambo on my feet. Had this wayback. Used to sleep on the side of the kulambo. Not in the middle but the side part where I can have it like wall mom used to install it until I asked not to and just put it on my feet felt great until now. Weird feeling or we were just used to it?? Was able to manage to have my pillow just for my feet with with a pocket and wrapped with mosquito net unnoticeable

  5. I agree, finally, i found my fellas with the same mannerism or habit.
    I used my mosquito net as my pampatulog, can’t sleep without it and i don’t know why maybe because of a good feeling, nakakakiliti sa paa, when it scratch on my feet.
    I remembered when my brother and I fought just for mosquito net. He is also a mosquito net lover. Lol 🙂

  6. I have the same problem as well. Is there a research about this kind of addiction? Although i can control it now a little bit but still i prefer to sleep with a mosquito net and i wonder what makes us different from other individuals who don’t crave on the same addiction with us. Hope someone sends a link about this kind of issue. (Well it’s not actually a problem but I’m just curious.)

  7. Omg! Hahaha! Buong family namin, hilig ang pagkukulambo sa paa. Madalas pa nga namin tong pinagaawayan, madalas nagkakaagawan ng kulambo. Hahahaha!

  8. I have the same problem I can’t sleep without mosquito net ..lagee sinasabi ng husband ko sakit daw to kailangan ko pacheck sa doctor….

  9. I’m one of you guys…:-) simula nang nagkaisip ata ako ang gusto kong kapulupot pag tutulog eh kulambo…hehehe….hindi lang ss pagtulog, pati pag nagcocomputer, nagbabasa o nanonood ng tv…grabe sarap sa feeling ng may kulambo sa paa…:-)

  10. I have the same habit, I can’t sleep w/o my ”kulambo”.minsan tinatago pa ng hubby ko kc d niya feel magaspang daw tas Makati pero sakin very comfortable tlaga pag nakadikit sa skin ko lalo na sa feet.minsan tinutokso ako ng hubby ko pag nag sskype kami na d daw tlaga kami mapaghiwalay ng ”kulambo” ko.dahil ako lng tlaga sa family naming ang mahilig sa ”kulambo” both my parents and my siblings lagi akung tinutokso dahil sa mahal na mahal ko daw ung kulambo ko..hehehe..

  11. Has anyone brought their mosquito net abroad? I may have a tiny problem, i’ll be moving to the middle east for work and i really want to bring my mosquito net with me, i wonder if i’ll have a problem with the customs in the airport. Please help 😦

    1. I’ve been to Kota Kinabalu, Macau and Hongkong with my mosquito net included in my backpack and I have never encountered any problem with immigration with regards to it. So I guess it won’t be an issue if you will bring it with you anywhere in the world. 🙂 Have a safe trip Zara!

    2. No…dont worry i have mine and i am going back n forth to Dubai for 9 years ang each time i would bring 1 pc of kulambo…so to speak.

    3. I bring my kulambo here in UAE and I don’t mind if other people see it as a strange, anyway we are many so it’s not strange at all….

    4. u can make a customize socks out of the kulambo. i have one. or buy a plastic bag made of net which you can buy from a wet market.

  12. I’m one of you guys hahhah! It runs in my family too.Everytime we have family reunion,those who have kulambo addiction stay in the same bedroom to share one big mosquito net!
    On my wedding day,I received a blue mosquito net as a gift. It is my trademark daw.
    My husband got used to it now.
    Whenever I travel,my kulambo is the first thing that goes to my bag,be it local or abroad. 🙂

  13. yeah definitely no prob..i brought 3 packs of new mosquito net here in las vegas last january this year. My husband hates my addiction eversince but he can’t do nothing about it. I told him i will choose my “kulambo” over him (it was a joke though) coz i can’t live without it lol…

  14. Same here nakaka adik talaga sobra misan nagkakasagutan na dahil nag kapalit ang net namin ni bunso . hahaha..

    Para ng aso na kung sinong na agawan parang baliw lalo nat galing sa labas craving kana masyado mag net sa buong katawan mukha daw akong cocon or nahuling isda sa dagat !!

    Haysss .

  15. I feel you guys….madame pala akong katulad na mahilig din sa “kulambo” haha…Grabe ang hirap matulog kaya kapag walang kulambo sa paa ko para kaseng may kulang.

    kaya nung science camp namin nung high school nagdala talaga ako ng kulambo, ginupit ko pa yun na sasakto lang saken. tsaka para madali lng syang dalhin hahaha

  16. Dear Fellow Mosquito Feeters,

    We need to find the answer what is going on with us… This will help us to know the root.. hahahah

  17. Hi mkisali natin kc adik din ako sa kulambo…. I discuss nyo ito sa Facebook tas ishare nyo daw Kay Jessica Soho pra mresearch nila..

  18. Omg! I am surprised there are plenty of us sharing the same habit lol! In my case i just use it when im on my bed, i even bring it whenever i travel abroad 😉

  19. haha . .ako rin mismo mahilig sa mosqueto net pati na mga kapatid ko . .bata palng talaga kami mahilig na kami sa mosqueto net. .hirap matulog pag wala yan . .minsan d pa nga ako makatulog . .gusto ko na talaga malaman kung ano ang ibig sabihin nito. .kasi may ngsabi na sa akin na according to their teacher b4 daw may psychological disorder daw ang taong palaging gumagamit ng mosqueto net. .d daw ito mannerism lang😔😚

  20. Im a seaman officer. Everytime i join the ship i bring with me my mosquito net. I cannot sleep without it. Its no problem bringing mosquito net on luggage, ive been doing this for long time and almost all airport around the world. Right now at this very moment in writing this coment, i have my net on my feet. Hehe

  21. hello guys I have 3 sisters same habbit as yours… they cant sleep without kulambo. kasama nila palagi araw-araw while watching tv, eating, sleeping etc.. there was a time na tinago ko yung kulambo kasi nakakalat lang sa sala namin, tinago ko kung saan hindi nla mkikita. they kept on looking hanggang sa umiyak na coz they cant sleep without their kulambo.. I don’t why theyre like that but we are used to it already…

    my sisters have different colors of kulambo para hindi sila mg aagawan.. bumili sila sa mall ng tela like kulambo where they can put it in their bags and bring anywhere..

    just sharing…

  22. Me too guys mahilig din ako sa kulambo.. Actually, ayaw nga ng hubby ko kaso wala na sya magawa kasi hindi tlaga ako comfortable pag wala yung “mosquitero” ko..hahaha..1 time nga ngtravel kami tapos dku nadala kasi sabi nga hubby ko bibili sya dun pupuntahan namin kaya yun pgdating namin sa lugar ay una namin ginawa nghanap ng ngtitinda sa mall kasi ayaw q ng bagong klase na mosquit yung malambot na parang tela gusto ko talaga yung luma na kulambo ung magaspang..hehehe

    Sana malaman na natin if ano ba talaga mannerism ba to? Or psychological disorder?

  23. Nakakatuwa madami palang adik sa sa kulambo .. Naalala ko ungkaibigan ko ng dala ng kulambo nung field trip nmn dati tatlo kmi ng share since mgkaktabi nmn kmi sa upuan hehe ..mga adik sa kulambo

  24. I’ts so Funny to know that i’m not alone in this world. But lately base sa aking karanasan eh hndi lang nman sa kulambo.. yung texture nya na masarap kuskusan yung knaaadikan nten(base on my own experience lang) Ito yung lagi nming pnagaawayan ng GF ko kasi pag walang kulambo yung cover ng kama tinatanggal ko para masatisfy ko yung paa ko sa pag kuskos sa mismong foam nung kama basta URATEX na may magaspang na cover , at sofa na may matalas na mat, haha sigurado aus ang tulog ko nun.. hehe

  25. Im now 38 w/ 2 kids and keep asking me,y my kulambo ka s paa mama?can we try it?pero hndi nila nagustuhan!tnx god!kulambo is my comfort zone!

  26. Cool..found my group! LOL may kalyo ako sa gilid ng paa ko as a proof I’ve been doing it since grade 4 or 5 ata..haha but in my case maski hindi kulambo nasubstitute ko sya with tela na may ganung sensation.. Sana talaga may gumawa ng study about it kasi wala sa net eh.. feeling ko yung taong may ganitong habit high probability introvert + matalino or malalim magisip..talking bout my self baka similar din sainyo..hehe

  27. I’ve no idea kung sa Pilipinas lang may mga katulad natin. What I mean is do you know someone from other nationalities with same addiction like us?

  28. hi, I’m very glad to have seen this blog..:) I do not know if this is a type of psychological disorder or just a mannerism but what is important is that we feel comfortable with ourselves with using it, be who we are..and I think that being a mosquito net users has also its advantages that we are to be proud of.. :)) Hope that people will do a research about this to satisfy our curiosity.

    1. Hi there Julian, thanks for dropping by! If you happen to discover other articles about us, please inform us or paste the site’s URL here. Maybe they can satisfy our curiosity!

      1. Why all of a sudden, South Korea? ha ha ha… I’m in the process of completing my requirements for the VISA application. I’m planning to visit the Korean Embassy this month to secure a VISA.

  29. Uhmm, I also want to ask if there are some instances in your life, like for example when you go to school, you always find the comfort of using mosquito net as if that your lazy to write and you find things that will heat up your palm by just rubbing it, just like that..thanks in advance!

    1. I don’t remember such event. I’ve learned to control my cravings with mosquito net after that incident in school when I was in kindergarten. Keeping in mind that it’s not normal and should leave it in our house! lol

  30. ahh, haha, in case that you had gone there, and I can ask you questions about that..nvm. That latter post is what I am experiencing right now, and I wonder if that also happens to others.. are you still studying ?

    1. Hey Julian,
      Are you a Korean or also a fan? We will be out of the topic if we continue to talk about Hallyu here and maybe some fellow mosquito netters would not want to read about it. Just send me an email in my yahoo account for more Korean talk. 🙂 고마워!

  31. i am mosqitonet lover since my childhood………………….now 22 i am very glad to see same addictive love of net(i from wb india) i think i am alone for such type of weird thing but i want to quit these but cant i want any scientist do resarch on these

  32. Dami ninyo dito ah.. hahaha ako rin hindi rin maka tulog pag walang mosquito net sa feet. Pag ako mag sleepover sa bahay ng mga kaibigan ko lagi kong dala ang sleeping net ko. Meron din akong mga Kilala na Hindi maka tulog pag walang net pero kunti lang sila. Usually mga tao na Merong ganito na sitwasyon(kagaya natin) ay mga Filipino or mostly asian kasi maraming- lamok- sa atin. Kaya tayo nagkaganito kasi we got used to sleeping with M – nets as kids so na dala natin hanggang adulthood. Ako 31 na pero hanggang kamatayan- na ito lol. Anyway, cheers sa lahat ^-^

  33. Hahaha I just post my netting on facebook, I can sleep even without pillow and blanket for as long as the love of my life,my mosquito net 🙂

  34. I am a mosquito net lover,too. Kahit walang blanket basta anjan lang ang “mosquitero” ko, Presto! 😊 At first, my husband told me not to use it anymore kasi hindi daw sya comfortable, pero sabi ko, masanay ka na dahil forever ko na itong kasama sa pagtulog natin. 😄 Ewan, iba talaga ang feeling pag nasa paa mo siya. Kaya pag umaalis kami para mag travel, I really make sure meron akong dala na kasya lang sa paa ko para makakatulog kaagad ako. 😊 I thought before, ako lang ang mahilig sa ganito pero ung mga pamangkin ko nakikipag-agawan sa akin pag pumupunta sila ng bahay. 😀 And wow! Marami pala talaga tayo!!!!! 😉

  35. Nkakatuwa,nde lang pla ako at ang asawa ko ang mahilig mg kuskus ng kulambo sa paa hehehe..marami pla tau….mula noon gang ngayon na 44 yrs old na ko,me kulambo prin ang mga paa ko pag nasa kama ako..nde tlga ako makakatulog pag alang kulambo mga paa ko….at pag sira na kulambo ko,bibili ako ng bago….kahit ala akong kumot basta nde pedeng walang kulambo,dahil gang bewang ko cia nilalagay.ginagawa ko na rin cia na kumot…

  36. Hi there! I’m about to sleep and suddenly think ano kaya meaning ng mga taong mahilig sa kumlabo sa paa? I just search it by google and this site appeared. I was just glad na ang dami pala kulambo addict 😂 Wanna share some experience when i was in college. Were about to leave going to manila for our duty in one institution there. We will stay in an apartment for 1 month. Aalis ako ng bahay ng 4am. Going to LRT, naisip ko naiwan ko ung kulambo ko which is nilabhan ko before that day, naiwan sa sampayan. I travelled for almost an hour pero bumalik ako sa bahay para kuhanin ung favorite kulambo ko. 😂 Result?? Late ako sa call time 😂😂

  37. at last i have found you guys.. marami pla tayo.. i thought its abnormal or konti lng ang may ganitong problema.. yeheey at least if my psychological problem pala eh di marami tayo hehehe..
    just wanna share an incident.. i have to stay in a hotel since i have to attend a meeting and it so happen may ka twin share ako sa room since our company have arranged my hotel accomodation so at first nahihiya ako kasi nilagay ko kaagad sa ilalaim ng comforter ko ang mosquito net ko pero just a cut out lng na mosquito net just good enough to cover from stomach to feet para pag time to sleep na naitago ko na ang mosquito net laking gulat ko na ung ka kasamahan ko sa room is ganun rin pla ang ginawa may mosquito net din sya sa ilalim ng comforter.. hahahaha sabay po kmi malakas ang tawa..

    1. Same here! I love mountain climbing and I prefer using my sleeping bag kahit nasa loob ng tent. Always un, ung kulambo ko muna ang papasok sa sleeping bag then ako. Normal na cocoon in the outside pero wag ka may single size na kulambo un sa loob! hahaha…Thanks for dropping by!

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