aNawangin & caPoneS IslAnd with ARMSTRONG

It’s been months when my friends and I had this trip in Pundaquit, San Antonio, Zambales to experience the beach and trek the mountains of the famous Anawangin Cove. Continuing the long trip from Manila, we had our rented boat that brought us from Pundaquit beach directly to Anawangin Cove. After building our tent for the night and finish our lunch/merienda in one, we headed are way to have our first taste of Anawangin Beach.

Since we arrived late to do further exploration, we decided to wake-up early in the morning to continue our island invasion the following day. No electricity at all, we just enjoy playing various mind games after having our dinner and then head back to our designated tent to call it a night. Morning sunshine breeze greeted us during our way to the top of Anawangin mountains with the awesome view of island’s seashore and its endless body of water. Heavy breathing during the way up is worthy just to see those lovely scenarios around us.


Just a day to explore Anawangin Cove will never be enough but we don’t have flex schedule to stay a little longer. After packing our things and our boat arrived, we’ve been dropped by our “boat captain” Manong in Capones Island for our side trip. Huge wave due to coming storm swayed our boat but thanks God that we reach our destination in one piece! Ahahaha… Capones Island, 15-30 minutes boat ride from Anawangin Cove where huge lump of rocks are everywhere! (Pwedeng pang Eva Fonda, sakit sa paa!) Different rock formation in their different colors that is not ideal for swimming. And since this island is famous to its lighthouse build in the back of this huge “rocks”, we never hesitate to take the way towards it. But to emphasize our challenging way to get there, it’s not easy and I mean “not easy”, to be in there specially if you take the route we had than having your boat directly take you there! (Okay, credits to our tour guide who lead the way and so sorry for leaving you behind! LOL…)



Just a bit scary inside going to the top of the lighthouse but to know that a breathtaking view is waiting for us is a push to put aside those freaking thoughts. Eventually, those hardships are all gone when we reach the lighthouse and captured the beautiful scenery beneath us. We had to rent another boat used by other tourist to be back in the front of the island since we made our way up there in foot! Tired but satisfying journey for all of us. As for me, no regrets that we had that route to reach the lighthouse! (Maiba naman!)



Thanks Armstrong and to our special guest for sharing this one of a kind moment with me! Waiting for our next invasion to come!


10 thoughts on “aNawangin & caPoneS IslAnd with ARMSTRONG

  1. Thanks sa comment Manong Jod! bitin k b??? kung ilalagay ko lahat ng pics, wala ng write-up! Pang-Eva Fonda kc, yung scene na tumatakbo siya sa isang beach resort! hehehe…

  2. kaw na talaga angge..mwah…bravo for that…
    huhuhu..waah..i will not miss our next invasion..huhuhu…waah..ang ganda ng views…sana mag Palawan tayo next…ang ganda sa El Sfc friends have been there..huhu

    1. Mjoy, kita ko nga and effort nyo ni Shiela on the way! Pero natapos pa rin natin! Ahahaha… Tayo na ang biggest loser, nag-less ba tayo ng pounds dun???

  3. nice one angie girl..he3,sana ako rin makasama sa next adventure nyo 🙂 at sana sa next blog post mo bout island invasion (swimming) mag 2-piece k nmn..he3!! miss you!! 🙂

    1. harinawa’y mkapagsuot nga ako ng 2-pc!!! (chicken joy??) I’m wishing man, hopefully you can come with us next time! miss you… miss you too melai!!! muah muahuggzzzz….

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