my korean drama: CITY HUNTER

***  CiTY hUnTer  ***

From a “spoiled-rich leader” of F4 (Boys Over Flower) to a “Mr. Know Everything” architect (Personal Preferences/Perfect Match) comes a dashing non-killer vigilante of the new generation in City Hunter featuring the one and only LEE MIN HO!


(What more can I expect from him?) I’ve just finish this action-packed Korean drama last night so here it is.


An explosion incident happened twenty-eight years ago lead five high ranking officials of South Korea to organize an operation of killing North Korean agents.They send away twenty-one special agents to complete this mission. However, a change of plan happened when these five officials foresee what will be the effect of this mission once its been revealed. Meanwhile, the 21 agents who finished their mission swim back to the submarine that Choi Eung Chan (Cheon Ho Jin), one of the official, promised to be waiting for them to carry them back in South Korea. On their way to the submarine, a sniper shoot them to die leaving Lee Jin Pyo (Kim Sang Jung) as the only survivor. With a promise of revenge  for his dead friend Park Mu Yol and comrade after those five officials, he take Mu Yol’s son away from his mother, raise and train the child to be an elite agent in Thailand. This child is now Lee Yun Seong (Lee Min Ho). Incident in Thailand were Jin Pyo almost die enable him to tell Yun Seong the reason why he raise him to be an agent. Yun Seong learn about the incident where his real father died, promise Jin Pyo that he will do his best to help him and eventually have his flight to America to study in preparation for their revenge. Seven years later, Yun Seong arrives in South Korea with a mission to take revenge to five government officials responsible to his father’s death, bearing in mind the warning of Jin Pyo not to fall in love for it will only burden him and the plan. But then, he (personally) met Kim Na Na (Park Min Young), a lady bodyguard in Blue House, Korea’s President residential house (Personally, for he already slightly know her through Bae Sik Joong back there in Thailand). Though they have fallen in love from the start, it’s a mutual understanding that they will never have an ordinary relationship until Yun Seong is under his mission. Things around them get more complicated as Yun Seong discover the identity of the five officials and start to take his revenge while truths from the past are unfolding from time to time. Click here for complete list of cast.***

UNVEILING THE TRUTHS: (Don’t worry, I will not spoil the fun, just a slight details for everyone  to look upon! LOL)

Well, as always, its every drama ingredients to add twisted events in the story. These includes those five government officials, which are all named from the start with their new title/ranks in the country and their illegal transactions and corruptions during their years of service. The reason behind why from all other child in Korea, Jin Pyo chose him to train and do this mission. But aside from that, the biggest twist is the real identity of our “CITY HUNTER”. The story behind the past of his mother and who is his real biological father.


I’m no politician at all but I’m a registered voter! HEHEHE… It’s just that during the days while I am watching this series, issues from various government officials and their departments here in our country are having the same subject like theirs. Issues in education, health, military budgets and corrupt officials! Hayyyssss…. Will anybody take it against me if I wish at this very moment for a CITY HUNTER who will rapture those bastard officials???


Ahhhhhmmm…. CITY HUNTER’s twenty (20) episodes are just not enough for me! Will there will be Season 2??? (HOPING here!) A drama with an ending that leaves me in front of the computer confused and shaking the mouse cursor while asking “YOUTUBE ” last night,,,, That’s it! Are you sure??! I’m hanging in here helloooooo… are you kinda kidding me!!!??? hehehehe…. The story left us viewers wondering if Yun Seong and Kim Na Na have their happy ending.


Will Sik Joong and Lee Kyung Hee cook for the rest of their life? Did Yun Seong and her real father, the President, had their father and son relationship afterwards? How did my LEE MIN HO survived that shot in his chest? Did Da Hye accepted him as her Oppa? (or she continued her fancy towards him after Daddy long legs died!? LOL)


So many questions right? But I guess, like Yun Seong and the President says on one of their scene: FOCUS ONLY IN ONE! This drama is not for a romance-drama-comedy-fantasy like scenes. It’s aim is to relay to us how politics, greed for power, money and revenge affect human life. (So get ready corrupt government officials, City Hunter is on his way to capture you!) LOL… Anyway, two thumbs up for the action stunts from all the cast especially LEE MIN HO, through the rest of this drama! I’d never imagined that those kicks and punch can be as dashing as I’ve seen it with Lee Min Ho! Ha Ha… Fighting!!!

I just want to highlight my favorite Lee Min Ho’s line: WILL YOU LOOK AT YOUR FACE IN THE MIRROR!!! (ahahaha… if Park Min Young needs to look at the mirror every now and then, what more should an ordinary face have to do to please Lee Min Ho!) Bwahahaha… And credits to the above photos and scenes from Thailand… I love this episode seeing Lee Min Ho living in wild with the elephant! OMO!!! A real must watch!


2 thoughts on “my korean drama: CITY HUNTER

  1. hi. i do love reading ur blogs about korean drama… especially what u wrote about city hunter… we have in common.. we both love lee min ho.. haha..

    1. Thank you ALICPALA! City Hunter is indeed one of my best watched Korean drama. I’d just finish watching “The Heirs” and hopefully, I can publish my review about it soon. Thank you again for dropping by!

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