*** HeartsTriNgs / You’Ve FalLen foR mE ***

Finally! An answer for those fanatic of You’re Beautiful’s GU MI NAM – KANG SHIN WOO tandem, here it is! Since I love light dramas, it only takes me a week to finish this. I’m just days left behind its airing in Korea so you just don’t know how happy I am when MYSOJU.COM and DRAMACRAZY.NET released episode 14 and 15 simultaneously! Though this drama was cut-down for only 15 episodes because of Park Shin Hye’s involvement in a car accident, still Heartstrings ended the story in an awesome finale. I just love how it ended in a right way with the perfect couples having their perfect love story. Truly a string of hearts! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ HEARTSTRINGS!☺


Lee Gyu Won (Park Shin Hye), granddaughter of a famous musician, is trained to be the successor of his grandfather’s traditional Korean music while playing the traditional instrument, gayageum. During free time, she will lead her way to the traditional music and art club of the university together with her friends naming their group as “WILDFLOWER”. This is her daily routine until her friends bring her along in this club (Catharsis) where she met Lee Shin (Jung Yong Hwa). Lee Shin is also in the same university majoring modern music. He is the leader and vocalist/guitarist of the band “STUPID” (What a band name!!) and known for his good voice, good looks and love for his music. Since then, the two starts their story of struggles for family, friendships, dreams, romance and heartaches to be a good partner for each other.♥♥♥


*** LEE SHIN – GYU WON ***

Coincidence? I guess not! Ahahaha… Maybe they were destined from the start! When Gyu Won broke her suitcase during her way to Jeju Island and Lee Shin help her to carry it inside the bus! He even took a picture of her in the lighthouse. All the while, I thought they knew each other since then but later on they just had those flashbacks and it hit me…they never knew that they have met even before in Catharsis! LOL! Lee Shin’s sister also undergone appendicitis and even Gyu Won’s professor died just to established a cold war between them! Waaahhh what a bet… WILDFLOWER and STUPID performance battle! But it’s a “STUPID” day and Gyu Won become a slave for his master Lee Shin when they lose after her gayaguem’s string broke during their performance!


Or maybe it’s because Gyu Won is the only person whose beside Lee Shin when he got rejected by Yoon Soo (Song Yi Hyun), a dance department professor. Eventually, Lee Shin also fall in love with Gyu Won. They’re been together in practicing and doing the end song for the university’s upcoming 100 years celebration with a joint group of WILDFLOWER and STUPID featuring a mix tunes of traditional and modern music. The performance is a success despite of all unnecessary issues that happened, that opens the opportunity for Gyu Won to be a star even abroad. But she refuses to take the offer after she discovered that Lee Shin’s wrist is in pain and he can’t play the guitar cause of the incident involving her (Wahhhh, I remember Jang Geun Suk here in Marry Me Mae-ri!). But Lee Shin don’t want to cause trouble in fulfilling her dreams, chose to break-up with her and let her go without telling about his scheduled wrist surgery. Hurt with their break-up, Gyu Won accept the opportunity and become a star abroad. Year after, they meet again in their university for another upcoming event. Both still hurt but still loving each other, reconcile again with the help of people around them. (A plain and light story. With no twisted loops and unexpected ending! I miss this kind of drama after simultaneously watching Secret Garden, 49 days then City Hunter, this is just so refreshing! No hard feeling in the finale… hehehe)


*** Jung Yoon Soo – Kim Suk Hyun ***

Their love story is with similar to Gyu Won and Lee Shin. Yoon Soo is a stage ballerina even before she met Suk Hyun (Song Chang Ui). Two had their affair but Yoon Soo chose her career over the man she love but engaged in an accident that leads to her leg injury. Suk Hyun leave the country and get famous as a Broadway director abroad. They meet again in their university to lead the upcoming centennial event and eventually reconcile. Since they had the same experience like Gyu Won and Lee Shin, they made their best to help them fixed their problems throughout the story. Feel so lucky for Lee Shin and Gyu Won to have a supporting professors like them! And I really love their story! Matured but somehow childish! Hehehe…


*** Yeo Joon – Han Hee Joo ***

OMO! Lovely couple. Though it is somehow childish, I love the way this two character handle things around them. (Woo Ri) Hee Joo’s self-discipline and struggles to reach her dream and goals in life and how Yeo Joon (Kang Min Hyuk) made his way to show his affection to his “Unnie”. Hehehe love them! And I like the idea that they were together in the end!

All in all, You’ve fallen for me/Heartstrings is not just a story of love! But a lecture of how people should cherish friendship. How to focus in achieving our dreams. Patience to be love by someone. Learning of letting go the one you love for that person to achieve his/her dream while pursuing your own for a matter of time. Wahhhh… I just remember the line “If you love someone, set her free. If she come back to you his yours, if it doesn’t, it was never meant to be”! AIGOO… Cheesy! Ahahaha… Love the cast and the OST! Really a must watch drama for those who haven’t seen this!***

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