TELESERYE is the word for Philippine Drama Series. Growing up with no cable TV connection to watch foreign films, me and my family would kill time watching local teleserye on a day to day time to time routine in our daily life. It’s not that I hate Philippine drama series that much.  Actually, there is also a lot of dramas I really love to watch again and again through online internet. Even before TELENOVELAS (Mexican Drama Series), Meteor Garden from Taiwan and now HALLYU WAVE Korean Dramas heat our television by night because of their non-stop airing, lots of TELESERYE I’ve watched were left unfinished because of the following reasons I can’t take no more!!!


Really! This is the number one reason I can’t finished a drama series. Most of the good dramas are now being aired during night time! Everyday lack of sleep just to follow the next half-hour scene (with I guess 2, 3, 4, 5, commercials in between) is not a good habit to practice! LOL… I just learned that Korean drama with a usual minimum 16 episodes are being aired in Korea one episode  per day twice a week! A very short period of time for almost two months compared to teleserye’s hmmmm six months or so!


Main cast with supporting actors and actresses is a key for a good show. But too much “EXTRAS” makes me sick! Why should there be antagonist having hundreds of enemies and those enemies having their thousands of friends with their own motives to threaten the life of the poor protagonist? Why should the main cast have their brothers/sisters best-friend’s and mortal enemy love affair exists in a horror drama? Sometimes, it doesn’t makes any sense at all but just to complicate things even more.


Same storyline again! A plot that will went like this accordingly depending on its genre: ROMANCE – Couple’s meet-hate-saving-falling in love storyline. HEAVY DRAMA – Poor protagonist’s tiring life living in a slam areas with his/her father or mother anger soon to be found herself/himself a legal heir of a multimillionaire’s  inheritance! WOW!


It’s not really a matter whether the drama is from any of these biggest network channels in the Philippines. But this one is a reason why I will start a drama but when I see same faces of actors and actresses who lead a just finished teleserye leading AGAIN on the screen, I will automatically look for the remote control to change the channel. Is there no other talents out there! Give me a break!LOL.. (I mean, give other talents a break to show their potentials!)


All dramas have this twisted scenes to excite the viewers! But most of the time, dramas now a days lacks this excitements because of same twisted ending viewers had seen hundred of times! Writers should wake-up and broaden their imagination to come up with a great ending. A finish product where followers will get mad at them for making us believe for something that isn’t true in the end! I’m not talking here about a character who died in an incident just to pop-up sometimes in the climax revealing the dark secrets of whoever Poncius Pilate!

And what is the reason behind the drama title with its original soundtrack, OST? I don’t have any idea but often times, the title of the song is same as the title of the drama! I guess it’s just fine and a part of drama or song promotion, but having one or a couple of songs for the entire series is a kind of redundancy. I can still remember how I become addicted to Meteor Garden phenomenon when it was first aired in local television. I research all the song meanings and had a hard time to sing a tune with unknown Chinese lyrics (Except the BROKEN VOW by LARA FABIAN). And now, imagine millions of people (count me in!) singing Korean songs from Korean dramas. Why can’t we have such songs in our teleseryes? As I said before, I don’t hate Philippine Drama. It’s just that someday, I wish to watch a teleserye that is worth to follow. A drama of our own and not a remake or import from other country and putting it in the last time slot for viewers to watch the teleserye ahead of it. Though this is just my opinion according to my own observation, many of my friends will stay late at night waiting in front of their television to be able to watch their favorite Korean drama. And again, thanks for those people doing english subtitle translations online I don’t have to stay late at night like them just to watch Korean dramas. 감 사 합 니 다!!!


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