Two days in a row, and a final decision was made!

After all the drama two days ago at my workplace, I decided to cheer up and take a move for myself. For almost four years of hardships, here I am, searching the net for possible format of my resignation letter. Thanks to this site that bring a smile on my face. I just edited some and add words that somehow help me to release my anger towards them. How I wish I can pass this kind of resignation letter to my boss as soon as I see him tomorrow morning! But no… I’m a professional. I will never do such thing even though I want to shout these words in his face! lol…

Dear Sir,

Yesterday I woke up and realized that this is the worst career experience I’ve ever had. Therefore, I’m officially notifying you of my resignation from [my company!]. My last day will be today.

This company has many problems. Salary, environment, gossips (together with those assumers), and all the negative energy from people surrounding you!

On top of that, I can’t stand to work for you any longer. You, together with your sister and that granny beside you alone, have been a constant source of pain, torture and suffering for me ever since I started this job two years ago. I can’t understand how you made it this far in the professional community. How I wish you just leave me there in the laboratory and do my own business as a technician.

Today is a great day for me. I will never have to see, hear or listen to you and to your spies ever again. Goodbye, and good-riddance! I SINCERELY HOPE YOU ALL ROT!
Warmest Regards,


It was just so annoying! I HATE THIS JOB, AND YOU!!! I know its mean to say these words, but I really need to vent this emotions or I will breakdown in tears again! So sorry for the harsh words!


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