my korean drama: SHINING INHERITANCE

Also known as BRILLIANT LEGACY. I never had the chance to watch this when it was first aired here in the Philippines. But since I already finished currently airing and upcoming dramas, I decided to take a look on some dramas I never watched before. Base with the popular and hottest hits in, I pick Shining Inheritance among others when I learned that MY GIRLFRIEND IS A GUMIHO, Lee Seung Ki and 49 DAYS’ (Pure love) Bae Soo Bin, starred this drama. Tell you, later that I know that the main actress is HAN HYO JOO of SPRING WALTZ. lol! Here is also the star of MY FAIR LADY, Moon Chae Won. Click here for list of all cast.

The story revolves around Go Eun Sung (Han Hyo Joo) and her struggle in life while searching his lost brother after her father’s sudden death that lead to her stepmother to take away all their assets. During this period of time, Park Joon Sae (Bae Soo Bin) is always on her side reaching a hand when she needed it the most. Though Park Joon Sae proclaims his love and affection to her, she chose to tell him that to be friends is the relationship she can offer to him. Back then, she met Sun Woo Hwan (Lee Seung Ki). The man she is blaming why she lost contact to her brother. As she work to survive the day-to-day life, she met the President of the multi-million company and grandmother of Sun Woo Hwan. That time, this old woman is suffering from amnesia and when her memory came back, she sought for Eun Sung and proclaim as her only heir and benefactor of all her wealth. Later on, she also learned that Woo Hwan is the man love by her stepsister Yoo Seung Mi (Moon Chae Won). As Woo Hwan struggle to bring his inheritance back and take necessary actions to change her grandmother’s mind to change her will, he learn to love Eun Sung.

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