my korean drama: MY FAIR LADY


Starring four of the best actor/actresses from my favorite Korean dramas. Yoon Eun Hae (Kang Hae Na) of Princess Hours/Coffee Prince, Yoon Sang Hyun (Suh Dong Chan) of Secret Garden, Jung Il Woo (Lee Tae Yoon) of 49 Days and Moon Chae Won (Yeo Eui Joo) of Shining Inheritance.

The story revolves around chaebol princess Kang Hae Na who is the only heir and only successor of Kang San Group of company. Living with her grandfather who brought her up together with her servants and personal butlers. Childish and strong-headed, she accidentally met Suh Dong Chan who eventually hired by his grandfather to teach and tame her as her new butler. Suh Dong Chan on the other hand with his own motive in entering the castle (to seduce Hae Na and produce a sum of money to pay his debt) fell in love with her. Loving Hae Na but knowing that she is all eyes for Tae Yoon who happen to be a look-a-like of her former boyfriend, Dong Chan help the two build a perfect relationship. However, without her knowing and after their “cat and dog fight” every now and then, Hae Na fall in love to Dong Chan. All was then perfect until the news spread about their relationship. Hae Na’s grandfather didn’t permit their relationship and because of his critical health condition Hae Na decided to break-up with Dong Chan but keeps their love for each other. Hae Na manage to take over in their business and before her grandfather died, she was permitted to do what ever it is that can make her happy. With the help of Tae Yoon and Eui Joo, the two meet again and had their love for the second time around! CUTEEEE!!!

IN THE END, it’s a sure tandem of DONG CHAN – HAE NA and TAE YOON – EUI  JOO…


Finished this drama and noted the awesome style and fashion of KANG HAE NA! Love her hair (from short to long then short again hehehe), and the black & white combination of her nails! LOL…

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