my korean drama: Cinderella Man


A story of a rich man appointed to be one of the successor of Sopia Apparel clothing empire, Lee Joon Hee, who suffers  a heart illness that lead him to hire a man who will portray as him during his operation in Paris. Even before his operation, he met Oh Dae San having  similar physical appearance like him that even their relatives would never know that they are different individuals. Meanwhile, Oh Dae San live his poor life in a clothing line market with his dream of building his own store and be a successful businessman someday. “DAEBAK!!!” 🙂 Together with  Joon Hee’s trusted man and a sum of money to start her own store, Oh Dae San enter Sopia Apparel while running his own business in the market carefully do his task not to reveal his true identity to anyone. All things went smoothly until the day Joon Hee return to Korea having an unsuccessful operation that lead to his sudden death after revealing that Oh Dae San is his long-lost twin brother.


Kwon Sang Woo as Lee Joon Hee   

Lee Joon Hee is a snob, hard-headed successor of Sopia Apparel who spend most of his time living in Paris. Raised away from his blood related family and his stepmother and her son. Go back in Korea after his father’s death and eventually obliged by his grandmother to take part of their clothing empire. Without his passion in fashion industry and having a hard battle over his heart disease, he hired a man he once encounter to fulfill his job.  Then an announcement came that he needs to have a heart transplant in Paris in order to survive. He then ask Oh Dae San, the man with the same physical features just like him, to post as him for one month. With a promise to search and find the truth behind his mother’s death after his operation, he went to Paris. Days goes by and he return to Korea with an unsuccessful operation  but manage to declare what he had found out about his lost twin brother, Oh Dae San. Lee Joon Hee died after his revelation.

Kwon Sang Woo as Oh Dae San 

Though twins, Oh Dae San live his life in a clothing store located in the center of Soeul, Korea. Raised in an orphanage where his mother left him before she died, he manage to live and survive his life in such a hard way. Working in a place where most of the products are copy from a branded names (pirated! LOL), Oh Dae San dream to have his own store and be famous in the market for his own brand of ball gowns. Everything went smoothly until his boss, who he also treated as his own family, died and leave his widow and daughter a huge debt. In order to save the store and as a way to return the favor for the family, he accepted a job to play the role as Joon Hee. With the knowledge in clothing industry, he manage to portray his role in Sopia Apparel. He then learn his relationship to Joon Hee. Together with his own desire to have the woman he love, Yeo Jin, and to be able to fulfill his brother dying wish, he continue to pretend as him.  But things get complicated when his role-playing eventually revealed his true identity.

Im Yoon Ah as Seo Yeo Jin

Seo Yeo Jin is an inspired fashion designer designer in studying in Paris before he came back to Korea when her father died. There he met Oh Dae San who help her and her mother to have an easy life. She applied to Sopia Apparel but her unfinished studies didn’t allow her to have a job. She then decided to help Oh Dae San in running their store and make the sum of money for his father’s debt. Later then she had the opportunity to be a part of Sopia Apparel but a certain incident force her to leave the company and return to run their store. Meanwhile, the president of Sopia had the chance to see her potential as a designer and pursue her to join a contest in their company where she won the grand price. Through it all, Jae Min (twin’s stepbrother) has been very vocal about his affection towards Yeo Jin. But Yeo Jin is waiting for the love of Oh Dae San, who have a mutual feelings for her. (so sweet!)

Han Eun Jung as Jang Se Eun

Only heir of a loan company, Jang Se Eun graduated and had her degree as a designer in Paris. She come back to Korea and work in Sopia Apparel. There she met her junior designer, Seo Yeo Jin, who she always known to be her rival in dress designing ever-since they where in Paris. Se Eun is also a family friend and is always been a choice in the heart of Jae Min’s mother to be her daughter in law. But then she met Oh Dae San, who is now portraying the role of Joon Hee, and fall in love with him. It’s been clear to her that Oh Dae San and Yeo Jin are having a suppress feelings towards each other so she made her own way to have the man she love. With the help of Jae Min, who is also into Seo Yeo Jin, she manage to have Oh Dae San and fight for his love even until they have discovered the true identity of Oh Dae San.

 Song Chang Ui as Lee Jae Min

Lee Jae Min is the son of Joon Hee and Oh Dae San’s stepmother. Knowing that he’s not blood related to Joon Hee and known grandmother, he manage to take the role of a good son and grandson hoping that he will take-charge of the empire in the near future. With a keen knowledge in running the company, he have his fair share in Sopia Apparel and manage it with the supervision of his grandmother until Joon Hee, which is now Oh Dae San,  returned from Paris that starts their competition in aiming not just for the next director of Sopia Apparel but also for the love of Yeo Jin.


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