I’m currently on my way to finish this Korean drama entitle  SCENT OF A WOMAN, known as Helena’s Promise in the Philippines. The main actress suffers from gallbladder cancer and her doctor, which is also her friend and a secret admirer, gave her approximately six (6) months to live. Knowing her short time to spend with her mother and friends and love ones, she made her bucket list and fulfill her dreams. But hey, I don’t have  a cancer or a life threatening condition here if your thinking that way:) . I just realize that I should live my life to the fullest for we can never predict how long we will going to stay in this world. So inspired by this Korean drama, I also made my own bucket list for year 2012 that I will try to accomplish before 2013, just like the main actress had. From this year forward, I will make a yearly bucket list to kick-start and fulfill my goals in life. Great! One by one, I will do those things I want to do while I still have the time and strength to experience these simple life’s enjoyment. 힘내 (with a close fist in the air!) lol…

note: In  PINK highlights are done, and  to access my write-ups, do so by clicking over it. Let’s see if I can fill all of this with color pink 🙂 

1. Attend a  minimum of 3 KPOP concert in Philippines for 2012Flag of South Korea

2. Target a weight below 60kg (currently weighing 69kg! I know I’m big!)

3. Watch a TV show live in a studio (Anything with KAPAMILYA ABS-CBN will do!)  

4. Have a full body massage (I never had one!) Crying and sobbing

5. Take a canopy tour and experience zip-line adventure!

6. Watch a theater play, musical or opera

7. Go Astronomy! Stargaze and visit a planetarium

8. Ride a ferryboat

9. Do horseback riding (As in ride, not just a picture on top of it)

10. Climb the peak of Mt. Pulag or do mountain trek in Sagada (Hopefully I can do both)

11. Finish a fun run LOL Panda

12. Ride/get in up-close in a Hot-air balloon (there is an event like this in Clark Pampanga every year!)  

13. Register and work as a volunteer in a humanitarian or environmental cause

14. Win a lucky draw (teach me how to play LOTTO!)

15. Have a photo of me together with a KPOP artist!

16. Visit and take a photo of  Bangui Wind Mills in Ilocos Norte

17. Be a member and make use of Pasig Rainforest Recreational Gym

18. Learn more the 한국말 (Hangukmal), Korean language

19. To witness and participate in a country’s biggest festival  

20. Cross another country on a bicycle! Whattttt????  Stamp my passport to travel abroad  

So this is my 20 goals to finish this year,  my glorified notepad of my life’s ambition for 2012.  Once I accomplish any of this, I will try to tell my story here. Just pray and help me guys that any of this will no longer appear on my list next year for 2013 – for I will put my best effort to accomplish all of this! Soon it will be a whole NEW YEAR! Fighting!!!


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