my korean drama: SCENT OF A WOMAN / HELENA’s PROMISE

Its been a long time since  I simultaneously finish the series of SECRET GARDEN and 49 Days/Pure Love and I can say that after those series, SCENT OF A WOMAN, also known as Helena’s Promise here in the Philippines, is the next hit that tickles my interest. Finished this drama two days ago and I even make my own BUCKET LIST inspired by the main actress! LOL! I can still feel the “kiligs” I had when I watched this, and still can remember the bucket of tears I’ve cried in it’s every episode.

Darn! I really am a cry baby!!! Crying and sobbing  but hey, I beg to disagree, hehehe! its just that Kim Sun Ah is such a good dramatic actress. I cried when she cried and I fall in love when she do! But really, this is a great comedy/romance/drama series everyone shouldn’t miss! Though this is another, illness-dying lady love affair with a chaebol prince, the tickling moments the main cast offer is one of a kind! A heavy drama when they deliver their lines and a laugh out loud moments during their comedic scenes.


Lee Yeon Jae (Kim Sun Ah, My Name is Kim Sam Soon) works hard as a staff  in a travel agency Line tour company in her 30+ year old, loveless, with no so much joy and a commoner life. A car accident during her work lead her to be hospitalized and met his childhood friend who also had a secret love to her since they were young, Chae Eun Suk (Uhm Ki Joon, Dream High). Keeping his professionalism, Eun Suk  then diagnose her having a gallbladder cancer with an estimated 6 months long to live her life. With a promise to go back again to the hospital, she went to her work and was assigned to be a tour guide for a Muslim pianist who is currently visiting Korea. But the guess accused her of taking his lost precious ring that eventually force Yeon Jae to forward her resignation letter to her immediate boss and lose her job. Depress, but driven to live her 6 months left for her life, she decided to spend most of her time for herself and do those things that will make her happy. With her savings from her hard-works, she went to Okinawa, Japan to relax and somehow see an island that once she had seen in her dream. There she met Kang Ji Wook (Lee Dong Wook, My Girl), the only successor of the company she had work with. Ji Wook is a handsome, powerful man she wish to be love before she dies. Ji Wook accidentally mistaken her to be his hired tourist guide in Japan that they even shared happy moment in the island until Im Se Kyung (Seo Hyo Rim, The Worlds Within) followed Ji Wook in Japan. Later then Ji Wook discovered the true identity of Yeon Jae while Yeon Jae discovered that Se Kyung and Ji Wook are  engage to be married. Yeon Jae then had her flight back to Korea with her mother still unknown of her real health condition to finish her bucket list. Though somehow troubled with the thought of  his initial encounter with Yeon Jae, Ji Wook found himself, missing and falling in love with her. Together with Eun Suk, they take all the necessary actions and sacrifice all for the love of Yeon Jae just for her to have every happy moments in her remaining days of her life. Yeon Jae on the other hand had her doubts to love anyone for she knew that an ever lasting love is not for her and it will just be unfair for that someone when she died.


Since the story revolves about the 20 things in Yeon Jae’s Bucket list, here is her complete list of “goals in life to accomplish before hitting the bucket!”

1.) Make mom laugh ones a day

She manage to do so by having quality time with her but they argue most of the time since her mother don’t know anything about her condition.

2.) Take revenge against the people who tormented me

Hehehe lol to her immediate boss! But I guess, ordering him to write the word ” Lee Yeon Jae, Sorry ” using his butt is not enough to have his forgiveness after he tormented and brought to much hardships in Yeon Jae’s life! grrrrrr….

3.) Learn to TANGO

Wahhhhh this is one of those “kakilig” tickling moments that I will never forget in this series! How eager Ji Wookto learn tango and yes! Their first dance! Sweet! (Well, you better watch all their dance, especially when she’s wearing her red dress! I can still hear my heartbeat during that scene!!)

4.) Don’t hold back on the things I want to have, eat, or wear


See! Aside from buying beautiful clothes that she haven’t done before and treating her best-friend and mother luxurious things, she even went to Okinawa, Japan! What an awesome “live life to the fullest” experience!

5.) Try on a wedding dress

After she accompany her best-friend in the wedding dress shop for her upcoming wedding, Yeon Jae successfully experience to try on a wedding dress.

6.) Have a date with Jun Su

A cameo appearance of Jun Su! Lol, wish I’m one of those audience during her mini-concert!

7.) Crying Occasionally

She’s doing it, a lot! And everytime she doing it, I can help but to wipe my own tears with my shirt!

8.) To live for a day like a heroine in a movie

I just guess that this is the scene where she meant to be a heroine, not the literal one, but a person who help someone. A heroine for Ji Wook by looking and bringing him the memories of his childhood dreams.

9.) Find my first love  

Find her first love in as a zookeeper. She then confess her old feelings to him but then later on learn that he’s only dating her for the man knows that she will be with her bestfriend. Ouch!

10.) Singing a love song with the person I love

Go go go noraebang (karaoke)! Love their voices in here.

11.) Having a proposal that would make everyone in the earth jealous

Of course! Complete with flowers, dozen of roses, romantic music and scenery together with a ring match with a fabulous fireworks display! But she opt to turn down the proposal this time cause she knows that she’s being unfair for Ji Wook her own condition.

12.) Do a volunteer work when I can

Together with Kang Ji Wook, she volunteered to take good care, bath, and even make Ji wook to change a baby’s diaper! lol!

13.) Let mother remarry

She successfully reunited her mom and her teacher after what she had done during her schooling years.

14.) Ask forgiveness from “S” (her “Seonsaengnim”)


Her teacher who happen to have a love affair with her widowed mother, lost his teaching career after a huge lie she made in her school. She then have his forgiveness and marry her mother! Hitting two birds in one!

15.) Be of a certain sense of person, 16.) Be someone who will be cherished, 17.) Leave some trace of my existence

 This three things are well accomplish proven by the following persons who received gifts from her after her hospitalization. Gifts are as follows:

Mom and her former teacher = A couple’s collared t-shirt

Her officemate / Mr. Ramses, her mentor in tango class = Wig

Grandfather / landlord = Stuff toy, a cute puppy in exchange for Malbok

Se Kyung = The lost ring of Mr. Wilson, the pianist

Veronica and her co-dancers in tango class = Pair of stilettos

Her former immediate boss = A bottle of jam good for his high blood pressure

Two other officemates who somehow make her work more hard = 1 of  her expensive dress (No photo)

Her bestfriend = Baby clothing, shoes, and other accessories

Dr. Eun Suk = A new doctor’s mock gown

All the gifts have a very touching letter attached to it. Love it her message to all!

18.) This year’s Christmas, it’s a PRO SNOWMAN ( Wishing for white Christmas)

Worrying that snow might not be present during Christmas and wanting to fulfill Yeon Jae’s wish, Ji Wook make it snow in the hospital! How romantic!

19.) Do all these things with someone I love

Yes, most of the things above were accomplish during the days where Ji Wook is already part of her life.

20.) And finally, close my eyes in the arms of my love

Hey yeah, she’s not dead in that photo. Its been seven months and two days since Eun Suk gave him 6 months more to live. Though still battling and having her medication, everyone is still hoping for a miracle. FIGHTING!!! For number 20, a happy face was drawn by Ji Wook with a note saying “This is being fulfilled every day. Because every day you’re falling asleep in my arms.” Naman!!! So sweet!

So this is the list I had gathered during and after watching the 16 episodes of this drama. If you have any corrections, please do leave comment and I will try to correct my errors! Feel free to post this anywhere but please don’t forget to credit my work! KAMSAHAPNIDA… 🙂

credits to & the worldwideweb for the photos!

6 thoughts on “my korean drama: SCENT OF A WOMAN / HELENA’s PROMISE

  1. Hi,you have a great blog.I love this Koreanovela sooo much and I think I’d like to go to Korea and learn their language as well lol .Lee Dong Wook rules yeah

    1. Same here. As I had mentioned in the first part of this post, Scent of a Woman is the next Korean drama I do love after 49 days and Secret Garden. And yes girl, you should at least try to learn the Korean if your watching drama in a raw, or in their Korean language even with their English subtitles. You will have a different feel when the characters deliver their lines in the Korean language than watching it dubbed in other languages. Ha ha ha ha… hope you’ve got what I mean! 😉

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