I’m currently following and enjoying the wait for the next episode of FLOWER BOY RAMYUN SHOP, one of the newest Korean drama currently airing in South Korea. I chose to wait for newest episodes of this drama in and found this account where in the user downloaded each episode in full including it’s TV commercial. How clever she is right?! 😉 Though I am left hanging for a while in each episode and having in my mind that I need to wait for the two other episode next week, I still want to watch it as soon as he publish the newest episode. Well for those who don’t know the system of airing the dramas in South Korea, let me share some of the details I know that differs from Philippine teledrama / teleserye / telenovela base on watching them. 😉

K = S. Korea        P = Philippines

K = A 16-28 episodes Korean drama is usually being aired in almost two-month long period of time

P = two months is far from 2 years! Oh, I’m just over reacting! Let’s make it 6 months to a year! (Oh my, but still!!!!!!!)

K =  Two (2) episodes where being aired in two (2) days for one (1) week with a minimum of 45 minutes each

P = Philippine drama will air our series  in five (5)  days a week (usually for my night vigils) for 30 minutes everyday! And you have to follow this for maybe a minimum of half a year for a complete finish! But swear, you can still do your duties and house chores while watching our drama! Trust me you can do it and you will need not to practice! 😉

Back from watching the videos of episodes from Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. If your from Philippines and if ever your thinking of watching it through same user account I had, I will tell you not to be deceive when episode’s TV commercial appear, for you will miss a whole lot of action, drama and “kilig” if you leave your seats. I’m saying it right! If your already get used of doing other stuff while waiting for say, 5-10 TV ads and commercials in between our teleseryes every 5 minutes, don’t do it while watching Korean dramas for they only have 3 to 5 commercials every episode! Say 45 minutes + 2 minutes for commercials! That’s a lot different. How I wish we can change this routine with our TELESERYES!





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