As of today, there will be 19 days to go and it will be Christmas day again! Let’s just make it 18 days, for the preparation of our Noche Buena (Christmas Eve). 18 days to go for me to check the list of things I should do before the world’s celebration of Christ birthday.

***  Experience a white Christmas! Let it snow let it snow let it snow!!! Christmas Snowman

WHAT!!!?? I’m just wishing here for a white snowy Christmas time! Can you make it snow here in the Philippines this year SANTA???!!!

While waiting for the above thing to happen, here is the list of things I need to accomplish before December 25th strike:

1. Be present in all  Christmas parties where I am cordially invited.

2. Give all my godchild their Christmas presents while sticking with my budget 😉

3.  Put a lot of effort to grant the wishlist of my monito / monita as their secret santa (HO HO HO HO…)

4. Whatever it takes, have a QUEZO de BOLA in the dining table for our noche buena (I’m craving for it for a long time now)

5. Visit the Pasig City Municipal’s Christmas attraction. (I’m a Pasigueña who never been in there, OMG)

6. Shop the gifts and buy myself a 1K Christmas present either in Divisoria or in Pasig Market, 3rd Floor! (Its not that I’m really a beggar. But I enjoy buying stuffs to those places!)

7. Cook a lot, taste a lot but eat LESS whenever there are foods! (Don’t deprive yourself GIAN, pwedeng kang tumikim wag ka lang lalamon!)

8. Complete the Filipino tradition nine-day Mass at dawn, SIMBANG GABI! I guess I was in college the last time I completed this novena!

9. Have a BITES of PUTO BUNGBONG and BIBINGKA! (Tagal ko ng di nakakatikim… Yummylicious!!!!)

10. And finally, attend the Misa de Gallo! I should… I must… And I really want to!

A total of 10 things to accomplish. Simple and easy, but pray for me to finish NUMBER 8 this time! Let me finish that task and have the strength to wake up early before the breaking dawn (not with Bella and Edward). I can do this, and by December 25th, I will shout out loud to the top of my lungs: MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! HO HO HO HO HO…

Note: If your available to join me (if you just have time lang naman…) call or text me guys! 😉




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