Finish this drama yesterday after three-night long vigil in Released last year and what a big disappointment that I never watch this drama during that time! But at least I have the chance to watch this for just three days. Love love love love this one, a late era version of YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL (Minamisineyo)…


Set in Sungkyunkwan University in the late Joseon era where woman are not treated as equal as man and education or entering a university is prohibited by law. Kim Yoon Hee, eager to help  her mother and sick young brother Kim Yoon Shik, supports her family doing writing transcription for a library whose most customers are scholars / students from Sungkyunkwan University. Various incidents occur that leads Yoon Hee to enter the boys-only university using the name of her brother and meet Lee Sun Joon, Moon Jae Shin and Goo Yong Ha. Together they known to be the JALGEUM QUARTET who later on change the rules and law of their era! ( wow 😉 )


      Kim Yoon Hee (Park Min Young) aka “Dae mul” enter the Sungkyunkwan University as personally chosen by the reigning king after passing the entrance exam together with Lee Sun Joon. Using the name of her sick brother Kim Yoon Shik and a great brain, she prefer to enter the university to escape from being a slave for an official when they can’t pay their debts and to provide free medicine and money for her brother from her benefits being a university scholar. Inside the university she have to try her best not to reveal her true identity while interacting with all boys students and share rooms with Lee Sun Joon and Moon Jae Shin. An accident happened where in a professor found her secret but she managed to talk to him and proved herself worthy to continue her studies in the university. She then found to be the son (actually daughter) of a late professor of Sungkyunkwan who died while doing a certain task for the king. With the help of the other scholars around her and the guidance of their professor and somehow favor of the king, she manage to keep her true identity from anyone but not her growing affection to Lee Sun Joon.

       Lee Sun Jun (Micky Yoo Chun) aka “Ga Rang” is a righteous and brainy man. He met Kim Yoon Shik (Yoon Hee) while doing her service posing and taking exam for other student. He dared Yoon Shik to enter the university with his own ability and support his family with the use of benefits being a scholar. Being with Yoon Shik in the university, he considered him as his closest friend and try his best to  take good care and help him but eventually doubt his own sexuality as he develop special feelings towards “him”. He even announce his willingness to get married with the Minister of War’s daughter just to forget his feelings for Yoon Shik but eventually cancelled it when he saw him for the last time. An incident happened where he accidentally discovered the true identity of Yoon Hee and their love for each other grow even more. Doing his best to protect the girl he love, they accomplished their secret task from the king and reveal the incident a decade ago about the death of Yoon Hee’s father and Jae Shin’s brother where in the current Left Prime Minister is involve, his father.

 Moon Jae Shin (Yoo Ah In) aka “Geol Oh” is a senior in Sungkyunkwan University. Found to be a rebellious son of the current Minister of Justice. Doing his own way in seeking revenge for the death of his older brother (late student body president of the university) 10 years ago,  he become Hong Byuk Seo, a black ninja vigilante who is spreading details about the secret incident from decades ago. With his certain ability of knowing that a woman is around him through his hiccups, he is the first to discover and confirm the true identity of Yoon Shik as early as the first part of the story among the three . He even remember their first meeting outside the university where she save her and she offers her handkerchief to him. He is always protecting Yoon Shik’s true identity from a far while keeping his secret love for her. He didn’t have the chance to tell his affection towards her for he knows the true feeling of Yoon Hee for Sun Jun. Later on Yoon Hee discover his secret identity and help him to heal his wounds after his secret mission together with Yong Ha who is a dear friend to him for almost 10 years. He is also part of the secret mission of the king in unveiling the secret of the incident where Yoon Hee’s father died and his older brother.

 Goo Yong Ha (Song Jung Ki) aka “Yeo Rim” is known to be the richest and playboy among the quartet. Hate strength and body power activities and task and is always using his money to get what he wants.  He is also a senior in the university and is always having a hint in his head that Yoon Shik is not a real man. He enjoys doing his plans to reveal the true identity of Yoon Shik but to no avail (LOL). He is known to be a member of the current student president’s side on the first part of the story but he is surely part of Jalgeum Quartet (hehehe…) Later on he has found to be not a member of high-class “nobleman” rank but a low-profile son of a rich merchant but this doesn’t stop him to be chosen as part of the secret mission given by the king. He’s always been a good friend among the three especially to Geol Oh. (Noted that I love his smile and winks! Too cute and charming that truly suits his character.)


This drama is a sure hit! Great series where friendship, trust, and love are being impose. All the actor/actress are doing their role in a remarkable way. The ending shows their happy moments with Yoon Hee and Sun Jun as a couple and new professors in Sungkyunkwan University while Jae Shin as an official doing his duty. Yeo Rim??? I don’t know what his up to, still practicing his playboy image ;). A historical drama but an exemption to historical dramas I have known such as Jang Geum’s Jewel in the Palace cause this is more of a light-drama, romance story.  Both couple are no doubts deserve to win the KBS 2010 BEST COUPLE Award: Min Young / Yoo Chun and Ah In / Jung Ki. After the drama, I just wish that there were scenes where in Yoon Hee reveals her identity to Sungkyunkwan students and she have realize their first meeting of Geol Oh. Moreover she had seen her handkerchief in Geol Oh’s procession since he have it inside their room, right?! (Just want them to be together, sorry Dae Mul-Ga Rang fans) Really Ah-In role and acting here outshines Yoo Chun and I’m in much squeals in scenes of him with Min Young. I’m really hoping that they will produce a series or drama where they are the couple or a Sungkyunkwan Scandal Part 2, Geol Ah-Daemul Love Story! Love that idea!


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