MY BUCKET LIST FOR 2012 ( N o. 1 9 )


I can’t even recall when was the first time I experienced to join this yearly event in Aklan, Philippines. I was in my early age when me and my family happen to visit this province and had the chance to witness the said event and I never had it again until this year. Maybe its a blessing in disguise that I’m a official unemployed till this month that I able to spent time to travel with my parents in their native land – AKLAN. For two short weeks, we stayed in the house of our close relatives and witnessed the ATI-ATIHAN FESTIVAL celebration highlights from January 14-15 before we headed home in the 17th of the same month. An experience that I will truly treasure till the rest of my life. Surely, ATI-ATIHAN is more fun in the Philippines. 😉

I’m really not a PRO when it comes to photography guys, but allow me to share some of my photos from the festival! 396508_351405694869460_1817848198_n 401139_351408814869148_651218937_n 401635_351409158202447_969411711_n 397864_351409354869094_1010624286_n 399944_351409681535728_2005499697_n 407565_351410784868951_455387953_n 409331_351402844869745_400265528_n 398578_351404924869537_1199268054_n

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