my korean drama: PROTECT THE BOSS

Learned this drama after winning major awards in SBS 2011 Drama Awards. Main actress, Choi Kang Hee, is new to me while I know Ji Sung is from SAVE THE LAST DANCE and Wang Ji Hye took part in PERFECT PREFERENCE as Kae In’s bestfriend. Hero Jaejoong on the other hand, since I’m a k-pop fan, is known as a former member of  TVXQ and now part of  JYJ. 🙂 CUTE!!!


No Eun Sol (Kang Hee) is known to be a gangster during her school days and decided to start looking for a job after graduating. She accidentally bumped with Cha Ji Heon (Ji Sung) during an encounter with a pervert employer where she is currently working. Unknowingly, she escape from her boss’ bodyguards, leaving Ji Heon there beaten by the guards whose mistaken him as No Eun Sol companion. She continued searching for jobs and eventually hired by Cha Mu Won (Jaejoong), a director of DN Group, to be the new secretary for his cousin Cha Ji Heon. When both cousins and (Seo Na Yun), a woman link with them, together with their parents, start to get associated with No Eun Sol, her life changed. With these people around her, how can she protect the boss from harm while protecting her heart to fall in love. 🙂



Physically strong woman whose trying to leave her past image as a gangster. Working in DN Group of company, she was torn between the love of both young directors who are also cousins. Trying her best to protect her boss in helping him to overcome his illness and prove his self-worth in running the company as the next successor, she discovered illegal transactions within the company.


Immature candidate for the next successor of his father’s company, he fell in love with No Eun Sol, his secretary. With the help of this woman, he overcome his illness and prove that he can run their business. But things get complicated for both of them when No Eun Sol has been accused of leaking legal documents and issues about the President (Ji Heon’s father) that leads No Eun Sol to leave the company. Various incidents happen that lead him to decide for both of them. To let go the woman he love  for the moment and manage their business when his father got sick. Question is, will No Eun Sol wait for him that long?


Responsible son and a hardworking director of DN Group. Candidate for the next successor of his uncle, he’s willing to do all necessary things for the position in the right way. Secretly in love with Seo Na Yun even though he knows her feelings toward Ji Heon from the start. Had the chance to proclaim his feelings but the woman take him down. He then discover his feelings towards No Eun Sol but later found out that the woman’s heart is only for Ji Heon. Though the situation of their hearts are like this, he still protect No Eun Sol and his cousin in revealing those persons behind the leaking issues regarding the company.


A simple-minded woman who at first mistaken her feelings for Ji Heon as love.  Later than she discover that the man who she had taken for granted is her real love. In search for her independence from her wicked thinking mother, she have new-found friendship with No Eun Sol. But before she proclaim her feelings towards Cha Mu Won, the man is already in love with her new friend.  Still not losing hope she fight with all her might to win Cha Mu Won’s heart and help her friend No Eun Sol from her selfish mother.



Nothing else to say but surely love the ending! 🙂 Not like the other dramas I had watched, this one didn’t leave me hanging in the end and clearly shows what happen to the main cast and almost even the other roles of the story. No major antagonists except for their parents whose against their relationship. A wonderful ending that simply shows the meaning of true friendship, love and trust… LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! 🙂 A nice story to start my year 2012!


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