my korean drama: GLORY JANE / MAN OF HONOR

After watching CITY HUNTER and SUNGKYUNKWAN SCANDAL, this is the  next drama featuring the lead actress Park Min Young. I recently known the main lead actor in the drama CINDERELLA STORY, and since the main casts are popular in the above mentioned dramas, I decided to watch this 24 episode long drama; GLORY JANE also known as MAN OF HONOR.

S Y N O P S I S :

Yoon Jae In (Park Min Young) is a bright and sunny woman raise in an orphanage but still persistent in reaching her dream to be a registered nurse. Kim Young Kwang (Chun Jung Myung) is a baseball player who had his career break during a major league when he become a 4th hitter but now having a hard time to hit a goal again to prove himself. On the other hand, a baseball player, Seo In Woo (Lee Jang Woo) is in his peak of being famous as a goal hitter in a professional team own by his father. The three meet each other in an hospital where in Jae In is working as a nursing-aide and both man suffers from separate accidents during two major baseball leagues. A love triangle connects these people as they discover and reveal the secrets of their lives and seek justice for the incidents from the past.

C H A R A C T E R I Z A T I O N :

Y O O N   J A E   I N

Love her character of being a positive woman. How she manage to smile inspite of the fact that she’s been abandoned and raised in an orphanage with nothing left in herself but a name and a face of a man she thought to be her father. A teddy bear face where she will transfer to any bag that she’ll gonna use, and yes, a baseball signed by a certain baseball player, KIM YOUNG KWANG.  LOL… ( a true number one fan 😉 )

I really hope that all nurses are just like her who is so dedicated to their work while showing passion and love for their patients.

Knowing the idea of having the share in her father’s company and with the help of those people around her, she manage to run the company just like what her late father want it to be! GO GIRL!

After all that she had gone through, she learned to forgive the person behind her real father’s death and her mother’s coma state that lead her to be  an orphan for seventeen (17) long years.

K I M   Y O U N G   K W A N G 

The determine, full of pride and a righteous man. I cried in the scenes during their childhood days and the first time he try to bat. But hey, he hit a goal and give to young Jae In his first goal with a high hopes that he will become a home-run king someday and marry her. LOLS…

How lucky Jae In to have him. Love how he protects her when they mistakenly found out that they are sibling and even more when they learned the true identity of Jae In.  ( It’s just that, its so unfair that they never had a kiss scene in this drama while In Woo and Jae In had it twice! )

Love the scenes during their task to be a part of the sales team whenever he completed his test especially when he able to make laugh the president. But I cried when he did after that celebration where he had to entertain his former team mates just to please that president.

After all the hardships, he manage to become a home-run king and ask again the same girl the same question if she will marry him! CUTE 🙂 😉

S E O   I N  W O O    

He delivered his role as a “severe panic attack patient” in this drama that I would actually move my head just like what his doing during his attacks! LOL… But at the same time, you will feel so sorry for him to experience that illness as if its almost true! A good actor for that role.

Though most of the dramas shows how main lead actor follow orders from their parents of about how to live their lives, I found more affection for In Woo maybe because of his condition, having a severe fright towards his father leading him to have panic attacks!

Inspite of years in fear and having the ideas of his father’s wicked doings regarding Jae In’s and Young Kwang’s family, he stayed in his side even the time his father died. A very loving son indeed. He chose to overcome his fears from the past to solve their current problems and even help his rival Young Kwang to reach his dream and let go he woman he love to find her happiness in the arms of her one and only home-run king. WOW… 😉

R E M A R K S :

Whats with the ending? Staring for that long after a proposal. That’s it! And what about that scene of In Woo together with Jae In’s mother? Are they couple? LOL! Noted also the magical necklace that supposedly a gift for Jae In from her late father. What’s with its sparks and that magical sound whenever she and also Young Kwang are in difficult situations.  In other words, the casts and story are great but the ending really left you hanging for a very long moment and then its T H E  E N D



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