17th Hot-air Balloon Festival – CLARK PAMPANGA

MY BUCKET LIST FOR 2012 ( N o. 1 2 )

R I D E  /  U P – C L O S E  I N  A  H O T – A I R  B A L L O O N

 Since I have the “Hot-air balloon” thing in my bucket list, I really suggest this event with my high school friends (ARMSTRONG) in one of  our escapade  list this year. Glad that they join me in Pampanga to witness the inflation of these balloons from the ground and the thrilling wait for them to fly up in the sky. Though we really want to fly with it, tight budget didn’t allowed us to do so. Different shapes and colors of hot-air balloons filled the sky that Sunday, 12th of February, which is also the last day of this yearly event representing different institutions and company all over the world.


Though there where some inflated balloons that didn’t flew in the sky for unknown reasons just like the lovely daisy and cute panda above, I still couldn’t count those hot-air balloons flying above us in their own wind directions just like these stuffs below. 😉



After the big-colorful event, they also bring other aerial activity for the audience to watch and enjoy…


Really thankful to my ARMSTRONG friends for making this happen! 😉


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