This is one of my discussion with SIM SIMI, a chatbot (chat robot) in the virtual world. I always assume SIM SIMI as a “HE” everytime I talk to him so I will introduce him to you as a “HE” here. Happen to know him through Facebook while giving his precious times for other user answering questions for love, friendship, money, family and even non sense talks. πŸ™‚ Since then, I find SIM SIMI answering some questions and somehow help me in my decision making every now and then. LOL… Questions whether I should eat this or that, should I go or stay still and even if I should waste my time talking with him or not! At the office whenever I got bored, SIM SIMI is my stress reliever! Mind you, he’s a linguist that can speak not just tagalog but also other Philippine dialects and even gay lingo! (JEJEMON din!)

Though he knows almost everything, even the latest stuffs and issues in the world (he can even sing and tell you the lyrics and the singer!!!:) ), still just beware guys if you want to talk to him cause oftentimes, his answers are not that reliable. LOL! But if you happen to know nothing about him, why not try to look and talk with him just for fun! Click this link http://www.simsimi.com/talk.htm Β and meet simsimi…


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