Found this thread on FACEBOOK where some of my friends are talking and sharing their thoughts about a thing called “MAGNUM”. Started a new job for almost three weeks, I’ve been very busy coping up with my new work and unfamiliar environment, for me to have the time to browse my social media sites that I’ve started to realize I’m an official “ALIEN” to this “MAGNUM CRAZE”.:(

Don’t want to be left behind, I searched the web to be surprised that what I am looking for is a piece of ICE CREAM IN STICK!!! Magnum ice cream by SELECTA Products that is now spreading it’s high calorie content in the Philippines, so beware DIETERS! 🙂

Me and my sister had our weekly grocery and been so lucky to taste MAGNUM classic (coated in Belgian chocolate) for the first time in LIANAS SUPERMARKET-PASIG MARKET BRANCH for just 50 pesos. Some says it is also available in 711 convenient store costing 60pesos per stick. Yehey! We just save our 10pesos.

Our trash, and the awesome Popsicle sticks with MAGNUM labels.

Together with my sister under spell for another MAGNUM stick.

Though a bit pricey from the other, its worth a try to taste this ice cream so better hurry and buy your own stick too. Just don’t get addicted too much, for you not to gain pounds! 🙂



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