my korean drama: IRIS

It takes so many sleepless nights just to finish this drama since I’m not staying in our house where I use to watch Korean dramas. (I really need to buy my personal portable DVD player to suffice my needs in my watching habits!) Though I’ve been singing BAEK JI YOUNG’s “itjimarayo” one of IRIS’ OST, I just find time to watch this drama when local TV network start to air it. And though I already finish watching CITY HUNTER of LEE Min Ho, Iris as an action drama is another thing to watch for. Maybe because of several characters here acting as a trained special agents while City Hunter focused with Lee Min Ho alone.

Iris is the first espionage Korean drama I’ve watch so far. With an-action packed scenes, this drama also gives the great story of sacrifices human can offer for love, friendships and principles. Story revolves around National Security Services or NSS, a secret organization of South Korea established to serve and protect the nation from crime, terrorism and to solve illegal matters within the country from foreign threats. Lifelong friends, Kim Hyun-Jun (Lee Byung-hun) and Jin Sa-woo (Jung Joon-ho), meet Choi Seung-hee (Kim Tae-hee) while completing their training in South Korean army and both fall in love with her though Sa Woo keep it on himself. Later on they found out that Seung Hee is the assigned person to haunt and bring them to NSS to be a part of the organization. Hyun Jun and Tae Hee have their romantic relationship while Sa Woo decided to keep his distance with them for the sake of their friendship. Three of them had a mission to secure a North Korean scientist that sent them to Budapest but later on found out that they are failures when they heard the news about his assassination. As political tensions mount between the North & South Korea, an independent mission to assassinate the North Korean President takes Hyun Jun to Hungary, but after completing his assignment, he found out that South Korean government is haunting him down and NSS is abandoning him sending Sa Woo to kill him.

Sa Woo goes back to South Korea with a news about the death of Hyun Jun but Seung Hee force to believe it. On the other hand, while they we’re continuing to serve NSS, Hyun Jun shows that he survived the plane crash made by Sa Woo’s attempt to kill him and planned to get revenge from the nation and the organization who abandoned him. Then he meet Kim Seon Hwa (Kim So Yeon) in Japan, a North Korean agent who at first was assigned to kill him but later on fall in love with him. Together they seek revenge for the abandonment they had from both countries they were serving but later on discover an even more mysterious and widespread organization called IRIS. This lead them to join force to a group from the North Korea that heading to the South, dealing with a nuclear weapon to stop the North-South Summit and Hyun Jun’s involvement again with NSS group to stop this nuclear explosion. Finally, after succeeding the mission of stopping the nuclear bomb, Hyun Jun reveal himself to Seung Hee, Sa Woo and all other NSS member. As he go back in NSS after the nuclear incident, the haunt for Vick (T.O.P), the trained assassin, and the mission of revealing and discovering the IRIS organization started.


Cast are great, even to those acting for supporting roles. Love the fighting scenes and somewhat misteries, hoops and twist in the end. I just don’t want how the story ended killing Sa Woo and Hyun Jun while leaving Seung Hee waiting in that lighthouse in Jeju Island… Hopefully a rumored sequel this year is true and it will reveal and answers the questions about the IRIS organization. 🙂

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