MY BUCKET LIST FOR 2012 ( N o. 0 3 )

W A T C H – A – T V – S H O W – L I V E – I N – A – S T U D I O

Me together with my brother, sisters and their friends had the chance to be an EXTRA SCOOPER in a segment of BANANA SPLIT last tuesday, 24th April 2012 at CLUB MWAH in Mandaluyong City. Actually, I made a schedule for this hoping to be with my friends in the taping but they just didn’t had the chance to clear their schedules in work. Nonetheless, being with my siblings is still a great experience. πŸ™‚

Though we were advise to be in the location by 7pm, we arrived there by 830pm and the taping starts around 9pm (Don’t be too excited okay, this is an “IN” thing to do, FILIPINO TIME?) LOL… Before the taping starts, floor manager and other staff advise us what to do, how to act and even when to applause and clap our hands during the show. One of their sponsor, ZAGU, also offer all the audience a BABY Z size coolers for free! I love freebies… πŸ™‚ )

And so the show starts. With all the cast and dancers on the floor. Were just so lucky that they are also taping a celebration for JAYSON GAINZA’s birthday that they have special guest like MUTYA, XYRIEL MANABAT and little BUDOY to join the cast. Show ended around 12mn but it’s really a great night.

For those who want to make schedule and be a “EXTRA SCOOPER” at Club Mwah, here’s what you should do:

* E-mail your name, contact number & location at [with a subject: GUSTO KO MAGING EXTRA SCOOPER].
* After a day or two, they will email you the schedule where you can join their taping and the do’s and dont’s during the shoot together with other important details.
* Provide the list of your companions (complete name) and email it back to the same email.
* Just wait and they will send you a copy of your event pass just like ours. πŸ™‚

Food and drinks (except liquors) are allowed inside the club and entrance is free so you don’t have to worry about this. A minimum of five (5) and a maximum of seven (7) persons are also allowed to join the person who emailed them. So send them your request and be a part of “HOT ISSUE” show now! πŸ™‚


    1. Teh wala pong bayad. FREE entrance as long as they already provided you the “PASS HOLDER”. You can also bring your own foods & drinks inside while participating on the taping.

      1. san po ang location ninyo? kasi po 9 po kmi., anu po ang dapat gawin. dpat tlga 7 ka-tao.,? at ung gusto po nmin sa studio mismo.,

    1. Reservation is a must. Halos lahat naman po ng TV Shows have a limited seats so you need to have a reservation. About your concern kung saan ang location, Boni Mandaluyong po yung sa min. I don’t have any idea on the set-up if you wish to participate in ABS-CBN Studio.

  1. ok po.,panu po kami makakakuha ng reservation ticket? saan at kailan yung available? thanks., gusto po kasi namin talaga makapunta ng bananasplit.

    1. Hi Melanie! Please read my post above, again! Andun na po lahat ng instruction. Email them first for reservation. Next step will be provided by BananaSplit Team.

  2. Im TFC subscriber from toronto and want to watch ur show but im leaving on april 21, 2013. Paano ako makakakuha ng pass please reply… thsnks

    1. Email the BANANASPLIT Team for seat reservation. Just don’t know how long you will wait for their reply, sa amin kasi one week lang.

  3. taga palawan kami. kailan po kaya kami pwedeng makapanood sa banana split? dyan po kami by may 27- june 6, 2014. pwede po ba bata, youngest is 6 years old turning 7 this july.

  4. Hi Gian, just to ask you, what is an Extra Scooper does? Are you gonna be part of their segment / gags? Or you can just seat there and watch the show?

    Not a avid viewer of Banana Split / Sundae but my wife wanted to watch them live. Thanks!

    1. It’s actually just a live show where Extra Scooper just watch the whole segment of an episode. You will be just an audience. If lucky and they make a couple of games, you can have the chance to be part of it. But this will not be included on-air.

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