my korean drama: ROOFTOP PRINCE

The story starts in Joseon Era where a tragic death of the current crown princess leads the crown prince to organized a group of men who will help him to reveal the truth behind this incident inside the palace. In their search for clues behind the tragedy, the crown prince together with his entourage, mysteriously teleported 300 years into the future during their escape from a group of captors who wants to attack them. Meanwhile in the modern-day Seoul city, a woman living in a rooftop, came in her place only to meet four strange men in their traditional clothing and realized that they are not just to invade her rooftop but also her life as she was force to help them solve the crime where she is also involve 300 years ago.



A woman who just returned in Seoul Korea from New York U.S.A after losing her memory in a car accident when she was young and find out that her long lost biological father just died. She decided to stay in Seoul and rent a rooftop for home while staying in contact with her step-mother and aloof step-sister. As she help her visitors from Joseon era, she regained her lost childhood memories and find out the hatred of her step-sister towards her that leads to her accident that time. To complicate things more between her step-sister (Joong Yoo-Mi as Hong Se-Na / Hwa-Yong), Park-Ha and crown prince fall in love but she later on discovered that Se-Na is the crown princess and the one that the prince is looking for. Eager to finish their mission, she discovered other things in connection with the lives around her and her true-blood relation with Se-Na as the crown prince revealed that she was indeed his sister-in-law in Joseon time. Lot of things happened but knowing that the love they have for each other will never be allowed because of the limited time and situation between them, Park-Ha managed to show her affection towards him before he goes back to Joseon time and keep on waiting for 300 years after Joseon era.

Park Yuchun (as TAE-YONG / LEE-GAK)

Lee-Gak, crown prince in Joseon time, can’t accept that her crown princess died accidentally as advise by the palace council. Seeking for the truth, together with his chosen men, they mysteriously travelled in time and appear in a rooftop owned by Park-Ha. Getting use of the modern day Seoul City, he found the reincarnated crown princess (Se-Na) and got the chance to be with her as his reincarnated self, Tae-Yong. Incident happened in New York where real Tae-Yong suffered from comatose that given Lee-Gak to act as him, successor of a travel agency business where in Se-Na is working. As his team look for evidence of crown princess’ death and way to return in their time, he discovers his growing affection for Park-Ha. Aside from taking evidence to prove that what happens to real Tae-Yong in New York is not an accident but a crime cause by his own cousin, he also discovered the true identity of the crown princess he had loved back in their time. With this, he made all necessary actions to help and save Park-Ha even if he knows that he would say goodbye to her when the time comes that he have to go back in Joseon era and reveal the secret of the crown princess’ tragic death.

THE ENTOURAGE OF CROWN PRINCE: in color coded names as their clothing πŸ™‚

Choi Woo-shik (as DO CHI-SAN)

The youngest among the entourage. He is known to be good in all the top-secret information, news and gossips around the palace in Joseon time, reasons why he was chosen by the crown prince to be part of the investigation. His skills in gathering important data enables the team to solve problems and issues during their stay in Seoul modern-day.

Jung Suk-won (as WOO YONG-SOOL)

Save by the prince from being executed after killing a high ranking official and his bodyguards while seeking revenge for the death of his mother and abusing his sister. His swordsmanship and physical strength, serves as the pillar of security and power for the team and Park-Ha during their search of evidence for the mission.

Lee Min-ho (as SONG MAN-BO)

A highly educated playboy of the Joseon era but also known to be witty and smart. With his intelligence, he recently solved a murder case reason for the crown prince to choose him and be part of his private task force. His skill in analyzing and problem solving makes the big part in the success of their mission in the year 2012.

Since this a story of reincarnation and doppelganger of main characters, picture above is in their traditional (past) outfits and below for year 2012 (modern) stay. This is before they done the haircut part and so so learn the modern day life with all those new things and technology around them. Aw, how cute for a family picture!


At first, I found the story to be like “ELLA ENCHANTED” two-world love affair and a formation of “POWER RANGERS” and “ANGRY BIRD” dress code color combination but this is actually not a so so romance-comedy-magical-drama. Aside from wearing cute color sweatshirts, I found it hilarious and literary burst to laugh in those parts where the four men actually doing comical things on their first set foot in the modern-day!:)

* Walking in a traditional costume in the busy street of Seoul.
* Filling your mouth with water from toilet bowl and use it to stop a fire…
* Raising your finger as high as you can to stop the bleeding of a finger cut… (what is the use of band aid?)
* Putting effort on drawing a vehicle plate number!
* Using a sword to stop a talking teddy bear until it burst to release it from a cursing evil.
* Using the elevator as a change room… (which is fine with me as long as they are the one fitting inside it)
* Effort to unscrew a bottled water just to have a drink

Though the antagonists in the drama did greedy and hateful things towards our main characters, they manage to give a suitable and favorable ending for their characters.

How the story emphasized the reincarnation belief and how true love and destiny last even for a hundred years really fascinate me all throughout the series. But the end scene still confuses me as I’m not sure who is the real man with Park-Ha… was that Tae-Yong or Lee-Gak? Really, I’m still confuse! LOL

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