It’s been a month now since I had the chance to trek the Ambangeg trail and reach the summit of Mt. Pulag with my sisters as well as our new-found friends from “TRAIL MADNESS” family.

Just accomplished number 10 in MY BUCKET LIST FOR 2012 YAHOO!!!

From work, I hurriedly headed home to meet my sister and finished our last preparation of packing our belongings before hitting the road to Victory Liner Cubao bus terminal. Ten minutes after 10PM, because of Friday night heavy traffic, we’re still lucky to catch up with others, thanks God our bus arrived late. Half asleep and excited, our team reach Victory Liner Baguio station where we ride our rented jeep that will take us to Benguet.


Before reaching the jump-off, it is mandatory for everyone to attend a briefing & seminar at the DENR headquarters in Benguet to be familiarize on the rules and regulations inside the National park where in Mt. Pulag is located.
“A quick pose while waiting for our turn to listen for the lecture of the day with my sister and new friend Rej”
After listening to DENR representative and bought our pair of gloves in front of HQ, we continued our trip in the middle of rain and shine weather on the way to our last jeepney stop where we ate our lunch and changed clothing in preparation for the long day trek!

“Waiting for the cooks while preparing our late lunch, chicken-pork adobo & boiled egg… YUM YUM YUM” 

“Convenient store at the ranger station with Sir Harris”

Heavy rain started to pour even before we finish our meal which gave us the sign that we have to start waterproofing our stuff before starting our climb. Garbage bags for raincoat and for bags is the answer for those who are not that prepared for this… available in this store also… ta-da!


“It’s the fickle-weather (rain to shine) so I decided to be with my raincoat all the time”

Add up to the weather is the smell of decaying cabbage turn compost by the native which you will see in some side of the trail. Though it’s really cold and fog starts to form in our way, sweat are also coming out with our jackets. Heavy breathing starts to run from all of us even before we reach the rangers station. Good thing we have our water to hydrate us,  our chocolate booster and the refreshing greens to keep us going!

“A scenic view of rice terraces vegetable fields on the way to Ranger Station”

Through fast and sometimes unsteady paces, our group reach a small village which is eventually the first camp-site. Took some picture and rest our leg and shoulder muscle while catching our breaths. A foggy afternoon indeed and a start of a more exciting trail ahead of us. ” Oooopsss… don’t be too happy, we’re not even half-way for summit gals” 

Excited to reach the campsite before dark, we headed our way to first camp, rest there for five minutes and continue our trek until we reach the GRASSLAND which lead us to the second campsite where we ate our late dinner and spend the cold night while waiting for the wake-up call for the summit climb early in the morning.

Exactly 3:00 AM when we heard the wake-up call for summit climb. Still freezing cold from overnight and that morning breeze, we wrap ourselves with jackets and “malong” and start our trek. Dwarf bamboo field welcome us along the trail as we headed the summit. Breathtaking scenarios is along our way as  sunrise starts to color the sky from blue, indigo, reddish and orange. Really, only mother nature can do such beauty and I’m glad I witnessed that awesome view.

“The biggest white cotton candy I’ve ever seen! The famous – SEA OF CLOUD – “

” My sister in her not-so-ready pose hoping for a great shot for her Facebook profile cover photo… LOL “

” Whoops… It’s me with my ever faithful walking stick! I lose a lot of pounds to reach this peak! “

As the sun rises and we got the clear view of slopes below us, we decided to take all the shots we can have.  Though the sun is already high, cold wind still dries and sweat and somehow bring chill in our bones.

 ” Jump-shot is not advisable in this kind of life-threatening shoot so better settle for a shadow-shot ” 

The ever-ending sight of peaks and slopes, green bushes and trees and reflection of yellowish sun is a wonderful sight to remember. Really a once in a lifetime experience. Given a chance again, I still want to climb Mt. Pulag again, maybe via AKIKI trail someday. Nothings impossible when you choose your own summit and give your very best to reach it. 🙂


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