my korean drama: LOVE RAIN (SARANG BI)

Another drama series from Jang Geun Suk but first time team-up with SNSD member Yoona. Though not as cute as my ever favorite YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL, I can say that both main character do their job well.

A romance that relates 1970’s pure love  and love story from the present day. The plot starts way back to 1970 where art student Seo In-Ha fell in love with beautiful student Kim Yoon-Hee. Though the feeling is mutual, both have hard time to be together as Dong-Wook express his intention to court Yoon-Hee. Since In-Ha and Dong-Wook together with Chang-Mo, shared a brotherhood-like relationship, In-Ha chose to give way for his best friend and let go of Yoon-Hee. Meanwhile, Hye-Joong, one of the closest friend of the three guys, also informed Yoon-Hee her feelings for In-Ha. Yoon-Hee on the other hand, discovered the true feeling of In-Ha for her and the complication this may bring to the friendship around them, she then decided to leave Korea and move to America.

And so the story bring us to the 21st century in Japan where Kim Seo Joon (a professional photographer) accidentally bumped with Im Yoon Ha (exchange student). Circumstances in a foreign country and to witness the famous “DIAMOND SNOW”, lead them to be together and officially work on a project when they both come back to Korea. Though they build nuisance to each other, they eventually fall for each other. 

Somewhere down the road, widow Yoon-Hee (Yoon Ha’s mother) and divorce In-Ha (Seo Joon’s father) meet again and learned that the feeling for each other is still the same. They started dating and planned to get married not knowing that their children our currently dating. A shocking revelation for Yoon Ha as she is very eager to meet the man her mother is in love for the long time and discovered that this is the same man who is the father of the man she loves. To complicate thing even more, Yoon Hee suffered from an illness that leaded the young ones to give ways to their parents love. But eventually, Yoon-Hee and In-ha discovered the bitter love story their children is experiencing and hope that they don’t want them to suffer like what they went through. Both decided to be just friend and give way for their children. Well, it’s a happy ending for both partners though!


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