my korean drama: BIG

S Y N O P S I S :

A bizarre love story between four individuals where in a mysterious switching-soul occurred after a tragic car accident. Part-time teacher Gil Da Ran, engaged to be married to a pediatrician Seo Yoon-Jae, meet a newly transferred student Kang Kyung-Joon. All is going well between the couple until Da Ran notice the indifference and started to doubt her fiancé’s love for her. Kyung Joon keeping his eyes over his teacher, help to mend her doubtful heart.

An incident happen where Yoon-Jae ask to meet and talk with Da Ran leads him to engaged in a car accident. Meanwhile, woken up naked and inside a morgue, Kyung-Joon found himself trapped in the body of his teacher’s fiance while his body is in the state of coma.

Stock on the confusing state of Yoon-Jae and Kyung-Joon’s condition, things gets more complicated when Jang Ma-Ri returned to Korea after learning that the love of her life is in coma. Together with Kyung-Joon trapped inside the body of her fiancé, Da Ran and Jang Mari, look for the best solution to bring back everything to normal. But doing this is not an easy task as they discover odd secrets from the past that will affect the life of both men once they come back from this mysterious body-soul swap.

C H A R A C T E R I Z A T I O N :


Switching on a body of a serious professional doctor with an immature high school student mind needs a good actor to portray such role. Being immature and fighting with Da-Ran while practising throwing tantrums is such a laughable act from him. But showing his affection to her melts me everytime I watch them… GOOSEBUMPS!
As with Kyung-Joon’s soul, I do cried hard on those scenes when he discover his true identity and pity him on his sufferings. Love him each time he shows his affection to Ma-Ri and specially to Da-Ran and how eager he is to be part of her family.
Gong Yoo is indeed a “BIG”, good and talented actor, no doubt about it. A character like this will only be fit and can be justified by him.


Min-Jung portrays the character of Gil Da-Ran who fall and fight for the love of her man. Doubting that Yoon-Jae is having a secret affair with his co-doctor, she still do whatever she can to bring him back and make sure that his body is in good state all the time. Min-Jung as an older sister and a good teacher is indeed a satisfactory role for her. How she manage to act as a lover for a mature man and handling three immature people together with her younger brother shows how good she is in acting.
Tearing part with her in-laws, felt betrayal with his fiancé’s other woman and family misunderstanding is a very touching scene when she’s around. A laughable part whenever she fits the comedy scenes and falling in love when she’s with the man she loves is a breathtaking moment.


A young woman who will do everything for her childhood sweetheart and love. Waiting and protecting Kyung-Joon against the sad truth about his identity and making sure that she’s with him whenever he needs her.
Suzy really never disappoints me with her acting whether it is drama or comedy. She knows how to portray a head over heels in love woman doing crazy things just to be with him. Charming and sazzy role is so cute for her that I can’t help but to smile whenever I see her on screen. There’s no sign that her dreams will came true in the end of the series but ending up with Da-Ran’s younger brother with whom she had a lot of crazy scenes is not a bad idea after all. Love their crazy little fights and hilarious escapades in maintaining that the relationship of Da-Ran and Yoon-Jae is in a perfect harmony as a couple. Ha ha ha…


First time to know and watch Won-Ho and I can say that he have a bright future in acting. Though most of his scenes is lying in a hospital bed in a state of coma, parts where he is on the main screen is always a moment to see. One of the best Korean artist who I can say ENGLISH ACCENT is a YES! Really fits the role of a new transferred student from USA. Cute and charming with the snob-attentive prince role just like the other main cast that viewers wants to meet in person. LOL! Bring me to near tears when he is crying but still falling in love with his smile when he is happy. Love just how he took care of Ma-Ri and show his affection to his teacher. The idea of him being with Da-Ran in the end is not so acceptable for me because of their teacher-student relationship but since the ending is open for everyone to imagine, I will just not think that way. 🙂

R E M A R K S :

I actually watch this drama because of Miss A’s member, Suzy. I’m a fan and really love her role in DREAM HIGH. The soul-body swapping part reminds me of Korean drama series, SECRET GARDEN starring Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin. Aside on the soul-swapping part, the scientific and uncommon issue of cryopreservation and surrogation are the things that really fascinates me that keeps my eagerness to finish this series. Supporting cast really do well as antagonist make loose end meets before the story ends. As most of Korean Drama, it leaves a hanging question for the followers at the end who are the real couples of the story. LOL! A drama series I’m proudly recommending to everyone.

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