Started it last year and since new year is already near, I want to post my 2013 BUCKET LIST. Since majority of my to-do things last year are not accomplished, I will still include them in here and hopefully I can finish it all by 2014. Twenty (20) achievable, not-so deadly and with some expensive must-do things to be done so help me my dear financier and support my yearly budget please! LOL 🙂

As usual, list marked in PINK are done and to access my write-ups about them, do so by clicking over it. Let’s see if I can fill this page with color pink.

1. Attend as many as possible KPOP concert in Philippines for 2013Flag of South Korea

 -Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert (U-KISS, SNSD, EXO, TASTY, TAHITI, INFINITE)


2. Target a weight below 60kg (currently weighing 65kg! I know I’m big!)

3. Have a full body massage (I never had one!) Crying and sobbing

4. Take a canopy tour and experience zip-line adventure!


5. Watch a theater play, musical or opera.

6. Go Astronomy! Stargaze and visit a planetarium.

7. Do horseback riding (As in ride, not just a picture on top of it)

8. Finish a fun run LOL Panda

9. Register and work as a volunteer in a humanitarian or environmental cause.

10. Have a photo of me together with a KPOP / Hollywood artist!

11. Visit and take a photo of Bangui Wind Mills in Ilocos Norte.

12. Be a member and make use of Pasig Rainforest Recreational Gym.

13. Reach the summit of as many as possible mountain in the Country.

– Mt. Pico De Loro – Mt. Batulao – Mt. Pulag (2nd time around) – Mt. Tagapo

 – Mt. Gulugod Baboy – Mt. Pulag (Akiki – Ambangeg Trail) – Osmeña’s Peak

14. Take a PALAWAN / CORON tour

15. Another out-of-the-country getaway, VIETNAM or CAMBODIA hopefully.

16. Try gun-shooting… ha ha ha

17. Get advice from fortune-teller… (Quiapo???)

18. Once available, watch the movies of books/novels I have read recently in big screen this 2013.

– Fifty Shades of Grey 🙂
– Hunger Games 2 – Catching Fire
– Secret Life of the Immortal Nicolas Flamel
– The Host

19. Learn to drive & have my driver’s license.

20. Buy myself a bicycle.

I can do this! FIGHTING!!!


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