my korean drama: LIE TO ME

A Korean drama from the COFFEE PRINCE cast, Yoon Eun-Hye and Kang Ji-Hwan. As from the title itself, the story revolves and start with a lie that change the lives of our main characters. A small lie that complicate things around them as they need to practice and invent more lies to support our “pretty-little-liars”.

Gong Ah-Jung is a government employee who strive hard to be the best civil servant on Cultural Tourism Ministry. Everything is going well until she meet her antagonistic friend who happens to be the wife of her first love. With mix emotion of jealousy, annoyance and self pity, Ah-Jung lied to her friend saying that she just actually got married.

Rumour spread out like wildfire even before Ah-Jung realize the mess she’s into and found herself accused of pulling a scandalous gossip to a hotel conglomerate, Hyun Ki-Joon. Though different strategies to correct her wrong doings and confess to the people around them the lie she made, they failed to clear the issue. With the cooperation of Ki-Joon, they decided to pretend as a married couple for the benefit of both parties. All is well until the ex-lover of Ki-Joon came back from France looking forward to marry him.

Hyun Ki-Joon is the owner of the famous World Hotel and to run his business smoothly is his goal in life. Hearing gossips about his secret marriage to a certain public servant from his staff and confirming it from his secretary, he make sure to meet the woman who is claiming to be his wife and take legal action to stop it. When he knows the truth about the lies he’s into through Ah-Jung, he cooperate with her to pretend of being married for a couple of months. Though not comfortable with their situation, he didn’t object with her when he found out that pretending to be married with Ah-Jung can help him close a business deal with a foreign investor.
Then his younger brother showed up followed by his ex-lover and the memories of their love triangle. Though his brother assures him that he will not interfere with their relationship again and his ex-lover is waiting for Ki-Joon’s love, he choose to continue being with Ah-Jung.

Though their love story started with a lie and eventually revolves in it, two couples let our main character meet each other and made them realize that they should be together.




Though above couples somehow causes the “lie went wrong” story of our main characters, everyone will agree that these couples are the biggest people that causes for Ah-Jung and Ki-Joon to be together in the end! 🙂


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