A fantasy-horror-comedy-romance series base on the famous Korean folklore of Arang, a ghost seeking revenge to her sudden death. I watch this because I really love Shi Min-Ah in My Girlfriend is A Gumiho and when I found out that Lee Joong-Ki of My Girl is the main actor, I know that I really have to watch it! 🙂

Just three days for me to finish this drama from the very first funny episode till the end of the 20th episode. Unlike other Korean drama, this one have a nice ending and won’t leave you hanging thinking what are the possible outcome of the characters lives. Lots of sleepless nights but I can proudly recommend for everyone that it’s worth watching while anticipating how the story will end.


KIM EUN-OH (Lee Joong-Ki)

Comes to Miryang town looking for his mother who he haven’t seen for the past three years, Kim Eun-Oh meet the beautiful ghost of Arang. Though he have the ability to communicate with souls since childhood, he pretends not to see them to eliminate his annoyance of being followed by ghost seeking for his help. Doing the usual, he pretend not to see Arang at first but with the wit of Arang, he later found out and started chasing him to help her know about her sudden death. Determine not to help her but later changed his mind when he found the hairpin which he gave to his mother in Arang’s possession thinking that it will lead him to his mother whereabouts. Arang then help him to be the magistrate of Miryang town which is by that time is a vacant position that needs to be filled. With the power as the magistrate, he seek the truth about Arang’s death that eventually lead him to his mother, the life after death and overcoming supernatural events in his life.


Arang lost her memory after her death but still surviving for three years while wandering the earth’s ground after her escape in the route to Styx River leading to the world of death. Not knowing anything about her life before her death, Arang tried to seek help from former magistrates but always fails to find answers once they passed away whenever she shows herself to them. :)lol! But her grievances starts to have solutions when she discovered that Kim Eun-Ho can communicate with ghost. He ask for his help with the promise to help him look for his mother in return to her favor. Everything went smoothly until they found out her identity as Lee Seo-Rim, the only daughter of former magistrate of Miryang town. Things gets more complicated when she makes a deal with the Gods of Heaven. She then allowed by the Gods to seek the truth behind her death for three full-moons but unable to find the truth, she will be in the worst hell ghost can ever imagine for the rest of her life after her judgement day. OUCH!

Uncovering the truth behind their lives and overpowering the evil spirits will not be an easy task for our main characters without the help of our protagonist. And this group will not be possible without the manipulation of the so-called Gods in Heaven with their ghost reapers and fairies… lol!





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