Two days of new experiences and the last day of our Palawan getaway is for city tour. Our landlord informed us of the beach kilometer away from where we are staying so we got up early to witness the sunrise before heading back to Manila. First time we heard it but the not-so-famous white sand beach, PRISTINE BEACH RESORT, can be one of the hidden paradise of “the city inside the forest”. Take note that entrance is ten (10) pesos per head, no cottages at all but an old hut where you can find the caretaker of this private beach resort.

UntitledThe only signage of Pristine Beach. Follow the mangrove path and you will get thereSun is still nowhere in the horizon so we are the only group exploring the beach that time. Knowing that this is our last day, we literally make the most of it and took crazy shots in the beach. It has a powdery white beach like in Boracay, with a number of hermit crabs and a nice view of mountain terrain on the other side. A paradise not everyone have the chance to see. What a great moment to start the day. As most tourist includes the city tour in their itinerary, we didn’t have a hard time to arranged our own getaway plan. We hired a mini-van courtesy of our good landlord and lead to our first stop, Iwahig Penal Colony Souvenir Shop.

A store full of hand-made wood curving by Palawan prisoners, a livelihood program made for them while staying in jail. We pass the prison for we don’t have enough time to do so. Bought some key chains for our “pasalubong” and took some shot before heading to our next destination, Palawan Crocodile Farm.
I’m no crocodile fan but it was an amazing moment being with different sizes of crocs. A huge skeletal remains of its kind will greet everyone at the main entrance while photographs of famous personalities who visited there hangs in building walls.

Aside from crocodiles, this place inhabits different species of animals in their mini zoo. I don’t know if those animals are the “shy-type” kind, but we haven’t seen much of them roaming the place that time. Ha ha ha…

As usual, the group took a countless shots here and pay a minimal fee to hold a medium size crocs for our souvenir until we decided to get to our last stop, Baker’s Hill. We took a quick look first in Mitra’s Ranch along the way to breathe real fresh air and see the greens of Palawan. The sun is in its highest peak that we opt not to do horse back riding in the ranch.A few meters from this ranch is the Baker’s hill. We spent our remaining hours here together with the variety of flowers and cute animals. This place have classic mansions, stores and theme parks good for people who wants to have a nice resting place after a long stroll in Mitra’s Ranch. They also have souvenir shops and restaurant where tourist can dine and relax.

Puerto Princesa, Palawan is such a wonderful place to visit. Our three-day stay is not enough to see all its wonders that we promise ourselves to go back soon to explore the province of the famous “City in the Forest”. PALAWAN GET-AWAY – DAY 1 PALAWAN GET-AWAY – DAY 2


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