DSCN1617This is the first year that I celebrated the Lent Season not climbing the White Cross of Antipolo Hills but rather hiking the famous Mt. Batulao in Nasugbu, Batangas. Exactly two months after our Pico de Loro hike, Macabenta couple together with their son and daughter, join me to reach the summit, the 10th peak, of this mountain via new trail.


Mt. Batulao can be reached via old or new trail by all beginners that even seven (7) year old Giana didn’t had a hard time to get along with us. Easy and manageable trail is very visible in all its peak throughout the way to summit. We decided to spend a night in peak 9 and watch the sunrise at peak 10 the following morning.

DSCN1908DSCN2099NOTES: Unlike Pico De Loro and Mt. Pulag that are full of trees and greens along the trail to summit, Mt. Batulao is a pure grassland so never forget to protect yourself from direct sun exposure and have plenty of water with you. Aside from this con, I was amazed to discover that if you happen to be someone with plenty of money in your pocket, fresh buko juice and other refreshments such as Halo-Halo and soft drinks are also available almost every other peak including the summit (buko juice only). Indulging from sweets, salty junk foods? “Mother nature” is calling you and you’re looking for restroom? This store in peak 8 where you will pay your registration fee got all the answers. Got your cellphone battery drained? No worries because this is the same spot in peak 8 where a mini solar panel is available for you to charge your gadget in a standard cost. Ang kulet talaga! 🙂

DSCN2164 DSCN2120

When we decided to descend around 8am and have reach the Evercrest point to tidy up and had our lunch, we headed to Caleruega Church in observance of Holy Week. This is our side trip before we ride back to Manila. A very fun and amazing hike that I will surely never forget!



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