1230027_662273107116049_1059432180_nThe famous tree near the summit

The fifth mountain I ever climbed for year 2013. Mt. Gulugod-Baboy nestled in the famous diving spots of Mabini, Anilao Batangas. A minor climb that will only take approximately 1.5 hours to reach the summit. From Alabang bus terminal with Macabenta couple and my first time hiker friend, we headed to Batangas bus terminal and ride a jeep up to Mabini where we hired a tricycle that take us to Philpan Dive Resort.



The beginning of the trail is a wide concrete road with greens of rice fields and some nipa huts that lead us to the registration area where you can also buy staff such as souvenir shirts and bag tags. Our climb is an easy one if only the scorching heat of sun is not killing us that time. Along the road to the summit, a number of stop overs can be made where you can buy soft drinks and even halo-halo to fill your thirst. As needed, we even asked locals to use their washroom! Over all, this day hike is good for beginners that I did not notice where almost near the summit until we reached the never-ending grassland!


1234450_662282950448398_1984386290_nThe hat shape island where it got the name “Sumbrero Island”

1002872_662288893781137_518286194_n“The SUMMIT”

Mt. Gulugod Baboy is a place to go after a great dive or doing island hopping, which was our original plan but did not go along well for some unforeseen reasons. With plenty of time to enjoy our day hike, we had a smooth day of appreciating the view around us and taking more picture than the usual. We even had the chance to climb the famous tree that we passed on the way to summit and joke around while looking for the pig to justify the name of this mountain, “spine pig”, but eventually, no pig for us. LOL!

1234406_662287953781231_1490953737_n“Are you the one we are looking for?”

There is another peak on the other side of Gulugod Baboy which is surrounded of bamboo fence. While GB’s peak gives you the side of Batangas Bay, the former offers us a better view of the famous Mt. Maculot and Mt. Batulao. This one also have a much taller growth of wild grass with spiky seeds (MOSSMAN RIVER GRASS according to my research) that it actually filled our leggings and socks, so beware.


After a sweaty hike, we rent a cottage in Philpan Resort and take a quick swim in Batangas bay before we decided to wrap the day and head back to Manila.



  1. wow,this is english ngely!! Haha. Ang cool lang. Hehe. Kelan mo ule ako bibitbitin? para feeling environmentalist ule ako at para ang tag mo na saken e “second timer hiker friend” haha.

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