It is a dream come true when me and my friend booked ourselves a flight to Cebu province. Once booked, I immediately do my research to compile the places and things we want to experience for our 3 days-2 nights-stay in the southern part of Cebu province. Our budget allowance and itinerary are all set until the 7 magnitude earthquake hit Bohol and Cebu region. Approximately 15 days after, super typhoon Yolanda devastated Visayas region including Tacloban, Leyte, Aklan, Northern Cebu and other near provinces. With these turn of events, flights from affected areas have been suspended that even Cebu Pacific, where we booked our Cebu flight, advised us to re-book our scheduled flight. Some of the attraction of Cebu including the famous Magellan’s Cross and the Sto. Niño Church was greatly affected by these natural disasters that we had doubts if we will still have a great time touring Cebu City. Despite of these disasters that hit Cebu province, we pursue to continue our tour and make our way to NAIA Terminal 3 early in the morning last November 30, 2013 (It’s a holiday!).

We meet around 2 o’clock in the morning to catch up to our four o’clock schedule but disappointment hit us when our carrier announced that our flight is delayed. Great! Our itinerary is already mess up. To console the angry passenger, Cebu Pacific handed both of us a one-way “free flight” for any domestic destination valid for six moths. Nothing else we can do so we just accept the brochure and ate the free breakfast sponsored by Jollibee while waiting for our flight which will be available around six o’clock that morning.

IMG_20131130_031213Round Trip Free Flight courtesy of Cebu Pacific

Eventually, after almost 2 hours air ride, we landed at Mactan International Airport, Cebu. Knowing that there is an available multicab jeepney just outside of the airport, we immediately approach a staff who point us its location. We asked the driver to drop us in the terminal where we can ride bus going to Dalaguete. To put it in a nutshell, we had a 2 multicab and 1 jeepney ride before we reach South Terminal Bus Station costing us P26.00. (That was a great save rather than hiring a taxi!)

Since we are practicing the cheapest way to tour Southern Cebu, we opt to ride a non-aircondition bus when we took a bus that will lead us to Dalaguete. Once in Dalaguete Junction, a group of Habal-Habal drivers approach us to hire them. Maybe it’s our backpack that gave them the idea that we are going to Osmeña’s Peak or it’s just a common scenario. Made a quick deal to a driver and we immediately ride on his motorbike, passed the Mantalongon Market and the long winding road to Osmeña’s jump-off point. Our driver is too good to offer us a stop along the way and took us some photo shoot to capture the mountain terrain of Mantalongon.

1486822_711274105549282_1587821567_n1463068_711274085549284_230365919_nReaching the jump-off point, our driver told us that he will stay there for us so we gave him a one hour waiting time. Though optional and really not necessary, we take a kid with us as our guide for fee. Spending a little cost but will be a big help for him and his family is not bad after all. Trail to the summit is not hard to figure out and a 15 minutes trek is enough to reach the Osmeña’s Peak. The view around us reminds me of Chocolate Hills of Bicol which is now devastated of the latest earthquake that hit the Philippines.

1464651_711282348881791_701084239_n1002049_711280378881988_96723010_nWe stayed there for 30 minutes before we had our descent. Our guide offered his aunt house where we had a quick wash and make way to the call of comfort room. Bid farewell and thanks before we hop in our motorbike and head back to Dalaguete Junction where we ride another bus to Barangay Tanawan, Oslob for our whaleshark watching early next day which is part of our itinerary, DAY 2 in Cebu.

Overall, our first day in Cebu is a tiring but satisfying day for both of us. After the long travel from Manila to Oslob, we manage to rent a room beside Oslob resort where we arranged our next day activity which I will post next time.


Day 1: Cebu Arrival / Osmeña Peak TIME PRICE
NAIA 04:00 Flight (Delayed) – Cebu City Arrival 0800HR
Airport to Southern Terminal for Bus (3 rides via jeep) P26
Ride Ceres Bus (Dalaguete or Bato-Oslob) to Mantalongan 1000 HR P101
Hire Habal-Habal From Dalaguete Junction (vice-versa) 1300 HR P200
Start 15 minutes trek to Osmeña’s Peak Summit with Guide Fee 1400 HR P50
Descent and back to Dalaguete Junction 1430 HR
Ride Bus to Brgy. Tan-awan (Oslob) 1500 HR P40
Rent Room near Oslob Beach (P300.00) 1630 HR P150

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